Targeting the vulnerable, a new threat is at large in Crystalshaw...

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Here you will find all of the latest stories written by me, MarthaJonesFan. What you can expect to find:

2018 - present

A spin-off series based on Teen Wolf, following the life of teenager Dylan Drummond as one bite changes his whole life. 


When Isaac Avery spots a shooting star crash land in the forest, he meets a lad who knows no English or nothing of his whereabouts.

2017 - 2018

Based on MTV's hit fantasy series Teen Wolf, starring Tyler Posey as werewolf Scott McCall. Five multi-part adventures were created: Sabotage, Hideaway, Beta, Time and Outcasts.


A one-off story focusing on Adalind Schade as she takes a new zauberbiest under her wing to help him control his powers.

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