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Frederick "Freddie" Ruben
Played by: Charlie Plummer

One of Jono’s closest friends, Freddie quickly earns a place in Dylan’s good books through his carefree and accepting nature both inside and out. He is drawn into the world of werewolves when Josh, the alpha, attempts to recruit him for his pack. However, Freddie was disgusted in his best friend and rejected him, running away to find Dylan. He is keen to help out in any way he can, despite his initial lack of control, causing Jono to be wary around his friend. Freddie is trusting of people and likes to see the good in everyone. This leads to him infuriating Dylan when he agrees to a meeting with Josh, hoping his old friend is still in there somewhere. However, when that proves not to be the case, he willingly joins Dylan’s side, cementing his place in the team as their resident technology expert. Freddie develops a strong friendship with Yasmin, learning that he's more valuable an asset than he realised.

About the actor

Charlie Plummer was born on 24th May 1999 in New York. His first acting role was in 2010, starring in the short film Frank, and has since starred in films including Lean On Pete and All the Money in the World. Charlie also starred as Miles "Pudge" Halter in the television adaptation of Looking for Alaska, also landing lead roles in films Words on Bathroom Walls and Spontaneous.