After an article is published exposing supernatural presence in Beacon Hills, everyone is on red alert. College plans are disrupted for Scott and the pack as the residents of Beacon Hills arm themselves against the unknown. Alongside the danger posed by those around them, they have to keep an eye on each other as their closest allies may not be who they say they are...

Teen Wolf: Outcasts follows the previous stories SabotageHideaway, Beta and Time.
Episode Name
Breaking News
The impacts of Frankie's devastating article begin to be felt as Liam and Nolan face a tough day at school. Scott, Stiles and Lydia attempt to investigate, but are side-tracked as the events of Father Time still weigh heavily on Lydia's mind.
Wet Grave
When Frankie turns up at a dead body, alarm bells ring for Scott who suspects he may not be as human as he thought. Elsewhere, Liam and Nolan investigate Jodie's house, with devastating consequences, and Lydia persuades Maddie to assist Scott.
The hospital comes under attack from Gerard as he attempts to take Scott and the pack out once and for all. Melissa struggles to heal Maddie, while Frankie gets to grips with his true identity. Theo faces his worst nightmare, relying on Liam to keep him from harming others.
With the residents of Beacon Hills closing in on the pack, the team find themselves cornered as Frankie faces a devastating attack at school. While Scott, Stiles and Lydia figure out exactly what Jodie is, the rest of the pack pool resources and build their numbers to succeed against Gerard.
The pack assemble to create their plan, but Stiles doubts Scott as he makes a deal with an unexpected ally. Meanwhile, Frankie realises Jodie's intentions and battles to escape her grip.
Events converge on Eichen House, as Scott puts his plan into action. However, important sacrifices must be made if the pack are to succeed.

1: Breaking News Written by MarthaJonesFan

Swishing away gently, the sound of water was calming to anybody who visited the lake located at the tip of the Beacon Hills preserve. It was late at night and aside from the water, there was nothing to be heard or nobody to be seen. This was the case most nights – the area surrounding it was mostly abandoned, aside from Natalie Martin’s lake house. Emerging from the shadows of the surrounding woodland area was a young girl, no older than 18. She was wearing no clothes, not that it mattered with nobody in the surrounding area. Her long dark hair flowed down her back, brushing against her body as she inched closer to the lake. Without a second thought, she stretched her arms up as high as she could, and leapt into the lake. It was relatively deep for what it was, deep enough for her to swim without problems anyway. She waded around inside, totally submerged by the liquid she felt so comfortable in. Minutes passed, and she hadn’t stepped out for breath, even for a second. After five minutes, she poked her head out of the water and waded to land. She stepped back onto the ground, dripping with water as her body naturally dried itself off. She didn’t hang around and wait to dry off either. The young girl made her way back through the forest, heading home, as the water continued dripping from her body. She wasn’t getting any drier, and the water continued to splash onto the ground below. Her hair was soaking, but no matter how much water slid off the ends, she stayed just as drenched as before. Stopping in the middle of the woods, she gazed open her mouth as her skin lit up to a turquoise colour, as if she were glowing in the dark. Out of her mouth came a gush of water, with such great force that it shot up several metres into the sky before falling back to the ground. Her eyes turned black all over while she spewed the water out, clearing her system. After ten seconds, she stopped, not even gasping for a breath. She was now totally dry, not a speck of water on her body. Like nothing had even happened, she continued her stroll back through the woods, unfazed by the puddle of water she now had to step through…

Guest Stars:

Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, JR Bourne, Khylin Rhambo, Michael Johnston, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Ian Bohen, Natalia Dyer, Anjli Mohindra, Michael Hogan, Dilan Gwyn, Juanpa Zurita, Nesta Cooper, Timothée Chalamet and Claire Bryétt Andrew.

Tossing and turning in bed, Isaac was having a rough night. He’d been waking up constantly all night, and as a result, his sleep quality was very low. He hadn’t slept for longer than half an hour in one go, and it was taking its toll. He was getting frustrated. This wasn’t the first time he’d suffered with bad dreams either. He’d had them each and every night since returning to the world he knows and loves, following the encounter with Father Time. He didn’t want to experience anything like that again, and even the mere thought of going through it all over again terrified him. He was shaking and shivering in his bed as if he were lying in an igloo with no duvet. Nobody knew about his situation either, he didn’t want to confide in Malia, particularly when she’s got more important matters on her mind – notably rekindling some kind of connection with Peter, her father. They were all going for dinner that night, and it made Isaac even more nervous. What if he made a fool of himself and ruined it? Peter was a difficult man to impress, even if they knew each other already. He rolled over and faced the window, staring through the open curtains. He knew he wouldn’t be sleeping any time soon…

The ringing of the school bell was not a pleasant sound for Liam. He hadn’t missed it at all over the Christmas holidays, and would much rather be spending the morning lounging around in bed. Company from Nolan would’ve made it even better. At least they shared first lesson – maths. Not Liam’s absolute favourite lesson, but any lesson where he’s sat with his friends was made automatically better. As he walked through the corridor, past the many lockers that clouded the walls, he picked up a copy of the school’s first newsletter. He knew the head journalist – Frankie Hartman. They were in a couple of classes together and he was a great lacrosse player, but Liam didn’t know him all that well. He didn’t look at the newsletter when he picked it up, intending on reading it later, and strolled into Miss Padhi’s classroom. Nolan, Mason and Corey were already there, and Liam slotted into his place between Nolan and Mason. He slung his bag onto the table and discarded the newsletter next to it. Nolan couldn’t help catching a glance as he noticed the headline.
“What is this?” he asked, noticing the short and snappy headline.
“’Time’s Up’” Liam read, picking it up as he sat down on his chair.
“Haven’t you heard yet?” Mason commented.
“Heard what?” Liam queried, confused. Mason pointed at the article, hinting for Liam to read it. So he did just that. His eyes skimmed over the article, which was essentially a retelling of Father Time’s arrival at the animal clinic before Christmas, with photos of his presence as well as exposing many of their names. Liam couldn’t believe what he was reading. He glanced around the room and saw at least ten other copies of the newsletter on people’s desks. He was getting disturbed glances back at him. Suddenly, he felt incredibly small in such a huge classroom. Liam felt lightheaded, dizzy and sick.
“Boys, do you need a moment outside?” Miss Padhi asked. She had a copy of the newsletter on her desk too. Thankfully, she was well aware of the situation. Supernaturals in Beacon Hills came as a huge surprise to her and she still wasn’t fully at grips with the situation, but she cared for her students and Liam obviously needed time out. He nodded in response, and all four boys filtered out of the room. Once outside the door, they took a deep breath.
“What the hell is this?” Liam let rip, yelling in rage.
“He planned it all along” Corey noted, “He threatened us earlier. I didn’t think he’d do this though.”
“We’ve got to tell Scott” Mason added.

It had been a relaxing holiday for Scott. After the Father Time debacle, things settled down once more. Regression to the mean, as Deaton had taught him. Things weren’t so good before Christmas. Not only had he lost some of his friends to an alternate plane, but he and Maddie were over for good. Despite their intentions to stay close, they hadn’t seen each other since the New Year’s Eve party. Not even a text from Maddie in that time. Although, it’s worth noting that Scott hadn’t sent a text either, so he was just as much to blame. Now his focus had returned to college. He was heading back that night, and had a lot of packing to do as always. He’d barely bothered unpacking when he arrived back, but somehow all of his clothes managed to end up sprawled across his bedroom floor, much to Melissa’s disapproval. As he picked up a t-shirt from beside his bed, he noticed the photo on his bedside table. It was a selfie he’d taken with Maddie just before he left for college the first time.
“How times change” he commented to himself. However sad he felt when looking at it, he couldn’t bring himself to change the photo. Interrupting Scott’s train of thought was the harsh vibrating jolts of his mobile phone in his pocket. Sliding it out with ease, Scott saw Liam’s name on the flashing screen and slid his finger across the screen to answer the call immediately.
“Scott, it’s an emergency” Liam began, barely gasping for breath.
“Woah, slow down, what’s the problem?” Scott remained calm and collected.
“It’s out. Our secret’s been published in the school newsletter. It can’t be long until it spreads” Liam detailed. Scott’s eyes widened in horror, and immediately he abandoned any hope of packing for the time being and stormed out of his bedroom.

Head pounding like she’d been knocked our stone cold, Maddie woke up in the room adjacent to Isaac. She was lying on her right side, in a comfortable position, but had a terrible headache, and couldn’t remember many details about the night before.
I am never drinking alcohol again, she thought to herself. She knew she wouldn’t keep to this, however. Parties and booze were just too irresistible. It felt like a hangover – a sensation she hadn’t felt before, but a feeling she’d heard described by peers over the years. As a werecoyote, her body should’ve healed too quickly for alcohol to have any impact on her. Why did she have this feeling right now? Lying on her side, she heaved her body over to face the other direction, readjusting herself. To her surprise, she noticed she wasn’t alone in bed. Gazing open-eyed at her was the lad she remembered snogging from the New Year’s Eve party.
“Oh hi” she slurred.
“Hey” he responded, his cute Mexican accent almost being a cure for her painful headache. All of a sudden, it dawned on her. Maddie didn’t know his name. She didn’t even remember bumping into him last night. The only memory she had was dancing with him on New Year’s Eve. Embarrassed, she knew she had to ask him.
“Forgive me, hangover and all that, but what’s your name?” Maddie queried, blushing. Her dad would be ashamed if he saw her in this moment.
“Francisco” he smiled, “And you’re Maddie. Don’t worry, you had a lot to drink last night.”
Tell me about it, Maddie thought. She was shocked at how little of the night she could recall. Alcohol had no effect on her whatsoever, and no matter how much she drank, she normally could remember every single second, but this time, she couldn’t remember what happened beyond her arrival at the club down town. Not even the tiniest detail. Nevertheless, she turned back over and reached for her bra from the floor next to the bed, protecting her modesty with the duvet.

“I was thinking we could get a little apartment a few streets over for when we’re back from college, you know, a place for just us. Nothing too big or expensive, but it’d be ours” Stiles was thinking aloud. He was sat at his dining table, opposite Lydia who was scrolling through her phone, barely listening.
“There’s no way we could afford it” she shrugged it off, “Neither of us have a job, and our loans can only take us so far.”
“I’ll get a job, just you watch” Stiles was keen for this to happen.
“I’d love to see that” Lydia responded, teasing him, “You’re exhausted at college as it is.” Even Stiles couldn’t argue with that. He knew she was right. Thankfully, almost as if on cue, his dad entered the room, dressed in his sheriff uniform ready for work.
“Dad, how much would it take to rent a flat in Beacon Hills?” Stiles interrogated, hoping his dad would offer a practical solution.
“More than you could afford” Stilinski responded. Lydia smirked, pleased she was proved right.
“What about my savings?” Stiles continued, prodding for a solution.
“What savings?” Stilinski rebutted.
“Come on dad, I saw the account, you’ve got over a grand saved, it’s a start, right?”
“I think you’d be better off focusing on your studies, kid” Stilinski closed the interview, “Anyway, I need to get to work. Lydia, you’ve got full responsibility to kick my son’s ass if he’s annoying.”
“Noted” Lydia responded, enjoying the power.
“Hey, I am still here you know” Stiles contended. Lydia and Stilinski shared a smirk, before Stilinski left for work. As he left, a panicked Scott entered the room.
“Hey Scotty boy, to what do we owe this pleasure?” Stiles perked back up upon the arrival of his best mate.
“I’m afraid it’s not a social call” Scott responded, sounding panicked, “Take a look at this.” He handed Stiles the school newsletter. He glanced over it, skim-reading, but it was enough to understand the situation as clear as crystal. Stiles’ good mood turned sour once again, as Scott’s panic became contagious.

Stood opposite the greasy spoon restaurant at the opposite end of Beacon Hills, Malia was anxious. Although she had Isaac by her side, she was not used to family gatherings and the idea of one terrified her. If you could even call it a family gathering. Peter was due to arrive soon. She hadn’t seen him since he assisted them against the Ghost Riders, and she didn’t really miss him. He obviously felt similar, as not even a Christmas card came her way. What’s more is that Peter has quite the track record. A murderer, a power-hungry psycho and a backstabber. Despite all this though, he was still her dad, and Malia felt she owed him the chance to meet her boyfriend properly. However, Isaac wasn’t being much of a calming influence. Despite numerous layers to shelter his skin from the harsh slaps of the winter winds, Isaac was shivering like crazy.
“Are you nervous?” she questioned, intrigued.
“No, why would I be? I’ve been in Peter’s presence on a number of occasions” Isaac responded as if he were hiding something.
“Something’s up” Malia identified, “Your heartbeat is abnormally high.” Isaac opened his mouth to respond, but before he had the chance to speak, a familiar tone filled their ears.
“Well if it isn’t my two favourite teenagers” Peter smiled a smug grin as he emerged from the shadows of the alleyway adjacent, “Might I say Malia, you are looking gorgeous tonight.” Malia growled defensively.
“And here’s a face I haven’t laid eyes upon in way too long. Good to see you Mr. Lahey” Peter had his charm-ometer turned up to eleven. Isaac nodded in acknowledgement but didn’t want to respond.
“So, are we gonna stand out here all night?” Peter commented, looking up at the restaurant sign, “Phil’s Burger Bar. Couldn’t we have gone somewhere more upmarket?”
“Sure. When you prove to me you’re worth the extra charges” Malia retorted, barging past him into the restaurant.

The volume of the canteen was as loud as ever, as Liam’s increasingly large group of friends all perched around their usual bench inside. Liam was on the end, with Nolan and Cody to his left, and Mason, Corey and Becky opposite. Slightly further down the long bench, Daan had abandoned the group to sit with his stunning new girlfriend. Her long dark hair flowed down her back, and her beautiful green eyes shone brightly in the light.
“Who even is she? I’ve never seen her before” Nolan wondered.
“Her name is Jodie. They met on New Year’s Day at the comic book store” Cody informed.
“Almost sounds too good to be true” Mason noted, “A girl into comic books. I mean, not to stereotype, but they aren’t all that common. The testosterone levels in that store are off the scale.”
“And you’d know” Corey jested.
“I mean, she is pretty!” Liam observed, as Daan went in for at least their fifth kiss this lunch break. Nolan glared at him with a raised eyebrow.
“Just saying, don’t worry” Liam clarified, as Nolan smiled a cheeky smile.
“I’m glad you’re all in high spirits” Becky interrupted, “I’m having the day from hell.”
“Yeah, I think we’ve all had better days” Corey stated.
“Hold up” Becky mentioned, “five o’clock.” She spoke for the benefit of those on the opposite side of the desk to her. Liam spun his head around to see Frankie casually strolling by, without a worry in the world. Liam’s eyes glowed yellow as he felt his inner wolf raging merely at the sight of him. Nolan instantly sprung to action, placing a gentle hand on Liam’s shoulder – he knew it always comforted him. Sure enough, it gave Liam a reality check, and he ensured he was back in control.
“Why don’t we go talk to him?” Nolan suggested. Liam nodded – they had to at least understand his motivations.

Having followed Stilinski to the sheriff station, Scott, Stiles and Lydia were hugely concerned about the article. Firstly, they had to get the bigger picture. How far had the article spread? Scott prayed it hadn’t spread beyond the high school, but in the age of social media and smartphones, he knew that wasn’t likely. Stilinski flicked the switch on the television and tapped in the number of the news channel. Nothing unusual was being reported. Even though Frankie had photo proof of Father Time, one school kid is hardly a verifiable source. That meant it could be contained. A slight relief for Scott.
“This kid, what’s his name?” Stilinski queried.
“Frankie Hartman” Stiles explained, “He’s a senior, Liam knows him from the lacrosse team.” Stilinski tapped his name into his computer.
“No records. He’s totally clean. Nothing about his parents either. Pretty normal life, younger sister started at Beacon Hills High last September, nothing on her either. We’ve got no grounds to bring him in here” Stilinski dealt professionally as always.
“Doesn’t mean we can’t reprimand him ourselves” Lydia added as she took a seat. Her head was beginning to hurt again. She’d had headaches on and off for the past couple of weeks, but in true Lydia Martin style, she carried on as normal.
“Liam’s on it already, I just got a text” Scott mentioned, “He said he’d keep us updated.” Stiles glanced over to see Lydia resting with her hand against her head, obviously exhausted.
“Hey, what’s up?” he questioned.
“Nothing, I’m just tired” she lied, trying to stop Stiles worrying.
“You’re obviously not tired Lydia, I know you inside out and I can tell when you’re lying” Stiles caught her out. Lydia knew she had to come clean.
“Ever since the séance, I’ve not felt right” Lydia confessed.
“Have you had any premonitions?” Scott queried.
“None” Lydia responded, “Which isn’t unusual, they’re inconsistent, but I’ve had a near-constant headache and I feel lousy.”
“Maybe we need to get you checked out” Scott suggested.
“By who? There’s no supernatural doctor” Stiles was concerned.
“I wouldn’t be so sure” Scott was much more optimistic.

“Aren’t you gonna answer that?” Argent complained. He was getting irritated by the constant sound of Maddie’s phone buzzing. Working from home was a luxury that he only experienced from time-to-time, so having company was not something he needed or wanted. Maddie was sprawled across the sofa, her legs across Francisco’s lap as he sat at the opposite end. She glanced at her phone; even with the brightness reduced to its minimum, the light emitted still hurt her head. Paracetamol wasn’t helping either. On the phone screen, she saw three missed calls from Scott.
“I’ll pass” Maddie retorted in response. She sat herself up, swinging her leg around to her front and chucking the nearby blanket over her for extra comfort.
“Who was calling?” Francisco questioned, being nosey.
“Scott” Maddie confessed, “My ex.”
“Wow, he sounds pushy” Francisco deduced, as the phone buzzed again.
“He’s not” Maddie defended, “We’re…. we’re still friends. It’s difficult though, you know?”
“Are you sure he’s not calling for a good reason?” Argent tried to hint that the call may be supernatural related.
“Scott can cope without me” Maddie responded, “I’m more comfortable here.” She leaned in to kiss Francisco, enjoying his company still. She meant what she said about Scott. As much as she still cared for him deeply, she wasn’t quite ready to be in his presence again. For now, she wanted to give herself distance, and Francisco was the perfect distraction. Francisco grinned as Maddie laid her head on his lap, tucking an empty row of tablets out of her eyeline…

Isaac stared at the menu in front of him. He saw the words on the page, but he wasn’t really reading them. He couldn’t concentrate.
“Isaac?” Malia tried jogging him. He wasn’t listening. Malia repeated, “Isaac?”
“Huh?” he responded, snapping back into the room.
“It’s time to order” Malia nudged.
“I’m not hungry” Isaac answered. He wasn’t lying, his appetite was notably smaller since returning back to his usual life.
“You’ll be pleased to hear that I most definitely am hungry” Peter butted in. As always, the attention had to be on him. Malia opted to ignore.
“You’ve been acting strange all day, please tell me what’s up” Malia spoke directly to Isaac.
“Excuse me for interrupting” Peter began, suddenly sounding less smug than usual.
“Shut it” Malia cut him off before looking back at Isaac.
“I’ve not felt right in a while. Like I’m having some kind of withdrawal symptoms” Isaac opened up.
“Why didn’t you say?” Malia as concerned. She placed her hand on his cheek, and her veins, filled with her black coyote blood, came closer to her skin as the pain Isaac was feeling filtered out of him.
“Not to take away from this lovely, heart-wrenching moment” Peter persisted.
“What?” Malia snapped.
“Do you know her?” Peter pointed to the booth behind. A young girl with jet black wavy hair wearing a beanie hat was staring directly at the group of them.
“Yeah, that’s Sydney, she goes to the high school” Malia detailed, giving an awkward attempt at a friendly smile to Sydney.
“I can smell her fear” Peter noted, “It wreaks.” Malia paused for a second. She looked all around her. Sydney was not the only person staring at them. People she’d never seen before were glaring over at them, and Malia knew why. She had the same sense of smell as her father. The fear was unavoidable.
“We’d better go” Malia tried her best to remain calm as she helped heave Isaac up, but inside, she was panicking. She hurried out of the restaurant, with Peter and Isaac following.
“Same time next week?” Peter commented as the door slammed shut behind them.

Cautiously, Liam led Nolan over to join Frankie in the lunch hall. Frankie, as always, was sitting with Lawrie – his best friend.
“Look who it is” Frankie commented as he saw the duo approaching.
“We need to talk. Outside. Now” Liam was blunt in his delivery.
“Anything you want to say, you can say it here” Frankie was just as firm in response. Liam didn’t want to cause a commotion, so he joined them at the bench, perched next to Lawrie. Nolan sat opposite, to Frankie’s right.
“Well go on then, I haven’t got all day” Frankie rudely remarked.
“That article” Liam began.
“What about it?” Frankie was not playing around.
“You have to publish a notice saying it’s a joke. What you saw…there’s a reason it’s not public knowledge” Liam pleaded his case.
“Freedom of the press” Frankie simply stated. He’d planned his responses well in advance.
“My mom doesn’t even know about me yet” Nolan added emotionally. The idea of her finding out that her son is werewolf through an article out of his control terrified him. However, he wasn’t in the right frame of mind to speak to his mum at that point. She was difficult at the best of times.
“It’s alright Nolan, I’ve saved you the hassle, now can you leave us alone? I need to eat” Frankie concluded the chat. Liam refused to move.
“I’d do what he says if I were you” Lawrie backed up his friend.
“You’ve not heard the last of this” Liam threatened as he stood up. Nolan followed him once again, as they both focused their hearing on Frankie’s cackling. His nonchalance made every inch of Liam’s body absolutely furious.

Shining her torch brightly into Lydia’s eye, Melissa was making keen observations. She was the only person in the hospital who was qualified to make judgements about supernatural cases, so was always Scott’s first port of call.
“How have you been sleeping?” Melissa queried.
“Not great” Lydia responded, “I’ve had about two hours.”
“A night?” Melissa clarified.
“In two weeks” Lydia corrected. Melissa was taken aback, as was Stiles, who had no idea this was going on.
“Stiles, do you remember when you were sleep-deprived a little while ago?” Melissa turned her attention to Stiles briefly.
“Sure, you put me to sleep, although I was being possessed by a Nogitsune at the time which probably didn’t help” Stiles rambled.
“I’ll give you a shot of Midazolam, we use it to help patients relax before surgery” Melissa explained to Lydia, “A good night’s sleep should help.” She stood up and signalled to Scott to join her outside. Closing the door gently behind him, Scott was worried about what Melissa was about to tell him.
“Is she going to be okay?” he nervously asked.
“She’ll be just fine. She’s been through a traumatic experience. If I were you, I’d check in on Isaac and Daan too” Melissa explained. Scott nodded as he reached to take his phone out of his pocket.
“Actually, I should say, I’ll check in on them” she continued, “You’ll be on your way back to college, as originally planned, young man. Go and finish your packing and get yourself gone. I’ll keep these two under control.” Scott opened his mouth to protest.
“Nuh uh” Melissa immediately cut him off, “No excuses.” Scott gave his mum a peck on the cheek and dashed off back home.

Back in the hospital room, Stiles had his hand on Lydia’s cheek. She was lying down on the hospital bed, with Stiles perched on the edge next to her.
“You should’ve told me. I can’t protect you if you don’t tell me anything” he said, feeling emotional.
“I can look after myself. I didn’t want you worrying” Lydia justified.
“We look after each other, Lydia. I worry about you daily, it’s my job” Stiles admitted.
“I’m too headstrong for my own good” Lydia admitted in a rare moment of vulnerability, “Always been my problem.”
“Yup. It’s one of the many reasons why I love you” Stiles smiled. The sight of Stiles’ smile always put Lydia at ease. He was her calming influence day-in, day-out, and Stiles knew deep down that she was truly trying to protect him by keeping him in the dark. He appreciated the sentiment, even if it were flawed.

After an hour had passed, Scott felt he had everything ready to go. He chucked the last of his bags into Stiles’ old jeep, and climbed into the driver’s seat, gently shutting the duct-tape supported door behind him. As he twisted the key in the wheezy ignition and the lights flashed on, Scott was startled by a familiar and not very friendly face in front of him. He could recognise the older but extremely lethal man before his eyes any day. Gerard Argent approached the window and knocked three times – ordering Scott to wind it down, without muttering a word. Scott obeyed, reluctantly.
“Going somewhere, Scott?” Gerard antagonised, his voice alone sending shivers through Scott’s body. Blocking his way in front was a young girl he’d never seen before, but by the look on her face, she was with Gerard. Scott subtly looked in the mirror to check behind him – it was a brick wall, no chance of escape. He had to endure whatever Gerard wanted…

In the depths of the forest that night, two teenagers were making out. Their passion was unwitnessed, as it was a quiet night and nobody else was around. It was the only place they could get any privacy, and they were making the most of it. The lad was eager for the girl’s body. His on-trend quaffed curls were being ruffled by her gentle hands. Similarly, his hands were placed carefully in her dark wavy locks, keeping them out of her face as they kissed. Strangely, he felt himself becoming drenched by water. His hair was flopping onto his forehead as the curls became much less defined. She however kept kissing him, as if nothing strange were going on, but he pushed her back for a second.
“Is it raining?” he asked, confused. He held his hand out in front of his body. Not a speck of rain touched it. However, what caught his eye was the water trickling down from the girl’s hands, like they were a tap. Freaked out, he began to run, but with one smooth move, the girl shot her hand out and the ground became soaking wet as a large puddle formed beneath their feet. The young lad’s feet slipped on the wet mud and he crashed down onto the slippery, disgusting ground, ruining the clothes he’d selected carefully for the date. She approached him as he laid helpless on the floor, and before he could get himself back up, she put her hand over his mouth. Water dripped from around her hand as she restricted his breathing, his mouth filling up with water. The overflow trickled into his nose, losing any hope of catching air. After ten seconds, he fell back onto the floor. This time – completely lifeless.

2: Wet Grave Written by MarthaJonesFan

In the dead of night, it would be rare to find any human being in the Beacon Hills Preserve. The woodland was enough of a maze even in broad daylight – you would need a damn good sense of direction to negotiate your way out when it is pitch black. Unusually, however, the forests were more alive than normal. Treading through the muddy, uneven ground was a young woman, no older than 20. Her silky ginger hair was unusually untidy, and she wore a nightie – pink in colour and exceptionally soft. The hard, dry mud below her bare feet slowly became damper and slushier, but she didn’t take any notice. She continued walking, until finally, she stopped. Dead in her tracks. Right in front of a young boy’s body. Opposite her was another young man, with shoulder-length blonde curls. Right there and then, Lydia Martin opened her mouth as wide as she could and released her inner banshee, screaming louder than anyone could imagine.

Guest Stars:

Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, JR Bourne, Seth Gilliam, Ryan Kelley, Cody Christian, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Natalia Dyer, Paige Turco, Michael Hogan, Dilan Gwyn, Juanpa Zurita, Nesta Cooper and Timothée Chalamet.

“What do you want?” Scott angrily questioned. He sat comfortably in his jeep, trying to leave Beacon Hills for college. However, Gerard Argent had paid an unexpected visit and blocked Scott’s escape, speaking through the car window on the driver’s side.

“I see your little secret is finally out” Gerard began, “I assume you’re not best pleased.”

“Why do you care?” Scott was not happy to be wasting time.

“I’ve always taken a keen interest in your world, Scott, it’s practically hereditary. Not that you have any concept of that, what with your obliteration of the once-fearsome Argent family” Gerard spoke gently, but the undertone was attempting to provoke Scott.

“None of that was my fault” Scott tried to keep his cool. He turned his attention to the girl stood in front of the car, blocking his exit, “Who’s your friend?”

“I’m a believer in a level playing field. If we’re going to be facing each other in battle, it’s only fair I match teenagers with teenagers” Gerard clarified, making his intentions of a human versus supernatural war clear.

“You’re turning teenagers into killers?” Scott was repulsed.

“Hold it there Scott, let’s not go throwing false accusations around. I’ve not seen any murders take place, have you?” Gerard ignored Scott’s point, skirting around the subject. Before Scott had the chance to reply, he heard a familiar roaring scream in the distance. That of a banshee. It sent a shiver through Scott’s spine as he identified it immediately.


The bright hospital lights filled Stiles’ eyes as he emerged from a light nap. He had rested his head on the side of Lydia’s hospital bed, and he knew must have drifted off to sleep. He sat himself up in the uncomfortable hospital chairs, and immediately caught sight of the empty bed. There was no sign of Lydia. Stiles immediately sprang out of the char and stormed out of the room, desperately on the lookout for Lydia, or somebody who might have seen her leave. Spinning around the corner, Stiles almost crashed into Isaac and Malia.

“I got Melissa’s text, she wanted to see me” Isaac explained, skipping small talk.

“Yeah sorry Isaac but there are more important matters right now. Lydia’s gone missing, and I’m going out of my freaking mind trying to find her” a highly stressed Stiles filled them in.

“I’ve got her scent, let’s go” Malia got on the case, leading the boys with her expert sense of smell.

Settling into bed, Liam had persuaded his mum to allow Nolan to stay the night. Despite Liam’s insistence that he is an adult now, Joanna generally refused him any social gatherings or sleepovers on a school night. This was the first time Liam had asked her since coming out, though. This occasion was different, for both Liam and Joanna, considering she was now more knowledgeable. She’d had no problems regarding Liam’s sexuality, but a new house rule had been created – it was to be a supernatural-free zone. Considering the damage to Scott’s house over the years as a result of fights or losses of control, Liam found that to be a reasonable request. As he made himself comfortable, Joanna poked her head around the door.

“Night boys” she smiled, “Sleep well.”

“Night mom” Liam responded.

“Night Ms. Dunbar” Nolan politely added.

“How many times Nolan? It’s Joanna” she laughed. Liam could tell that she liked Nolan, even if his bleeding destroyed her favourite rug before Christmas. She gently shut the door, leaving the boys alone.

“I wish I had a mom like yours” Nolan confessed. Liam took a few seconds to consider his response. He wanted to know more, but he’d have hated to sound insensitive.

“What happened between you and your mom?” Liam questioned, before adding, “If you don’t mind me asking.”

“Of course not” Nolan answered, “After my diagnosis, it’s like she couldn’t cope. A giant wall went up between my parents and me. My dad left her, and my mom…she blamed me for the break-up.” Liam listened intently. He was distraught to hear Nolan’s story. He knew his home life wasn’t easy, but he felt uneasy about the circumstances.

“I’m so sorry” Liam responded sympathetically, “If I knew, I’d have helped out.”

“It’s not your fault” Nolan smiled. The smile was genuine but Liam could tell that smiling was the opposite of what he wanted to do in that moment. He could smell the sadness.

“It’s not yours either” Liam smiled back. It meant a lot to Nolan to hear that. He was used to being cited as the cause of the rifts in his family. It was a warm feeling to hear the opposite for a change. Nolan snuggled in close to Liam. As usual, he was the little spoon and Liam was the big spoon. Nolan had never felt as calm as he did in Liam’s arms right there.

Scott sprinted through the forest, rushing as fast as he possibly could to the source of Lydia’s scream. His incredible hearing abilities meant this wasn’t an issue, but he couldn’t help himself from fearing the worst when Lydia’s inner banshee was in earshot. Faster and faster, without even a puff or a pant, until he saw the unmistakable red hair and pale skin of Lydia, stood motionless with her back to him. He slowed down as he approached her, grinding to a halt. It was a relief to see that Lydia was unharmed, but he should have predicted the dead body that was lying in front of her. Unusually, Lydia was not alone. Stood directly opposite was a young lad – one Scott recognised too – with the same gormless expression as Lydia. This wasn’t his only problem though – he’d only just escaped Gerard by making a run for it. After all, his friends always come first.

“Lydia” Scott said gently, not wanting to startle her. Scott felt it was much like waking a sleepwalker. Lydia moved her eyes, recognising Scott, and she snapped back to her usual self.

“Who is he?” Lydia asked, immediately noticing the lad in front. Scott moved a hand in front of his eyes, hoping to wake him subtly. He blinked, and began to gain focus on Scott’s hand. He snapped back just like Lydia did.

“Where am I?” he queried, baffled at being stood in the forest in the middle of the night, “What are you doing here?”

“Never mind that, you’re safe, don’t worry” Scott ensured he was a friendly face in that moment. Scott turned back to Lydia.

“This is Frankie. I don’t think you two have properly met” Scott explained to her. The only time Scott had met Frankie was at the animal clinic during the séance, during which Lydia took part. She wasn’t conscious to meet Frankie, and she wasn’t enthusiastic about meeting him in that moment either after learning about the article I wrote. There was no time to complain though, Lydia had found a dead body and that was the number one priority in her mind.

“How did I get here?” Frankie was still dazed.

“We’ll figure that out later. We need to phone the Sheriff” Scott stayed calm and was as assertive as he possibly could be. In that moment, Stiles, Isaac and Malia arrived from the shadows.

“Thank god you’re alright” Stiles breathed a huge sigh of relief as he wrapped his arms around Lydia.

“Who died?” Malia asked, lacking any subtlety as usual.

“I don’t know his name” Lydia responded coldly, feeling shaken and cold, “He was murdered. Right here, by a girl.” The group shared glances of concern. The field was narrowed, but knowing a killer was on the loose made Scott feel sick.

At school the next morning, the mood all round was sombre. News had spread of a senior being murdered and it rocked many of Liam’s year group. Liam walked into history class and perched at his desk, adjacent to Cody’s in the centre of the room. Frankie’s article was still fresh in everyone’s minds, even with more urgent and tragic news taking hold that morning. Liam was quickly learning how to ignore all of the stares he was receiving, but it didn’t mean he was happy about it. Directly in front of Liam was Daan, who had still barely said a word to any of their friendship group since returning to school after the holidays. Jodie was positioned to his left in front of Cody, and the two were passing notes to each other when the teacher wasn’t looking. Liam subtly used his enhanced wolf vision to reads the notes – they were as sickly sweet as he expected. While he read, Cody prodded him on the arm, startling him. Liam immediately snapped the wolf vision off. He turned to Cody, who handed him a note of his own. Liam un-scrunched the scrap piece of maths work that Cody has used and read the message. “Look at her hair” it said. Confused, Liam glanced over. Strangely, Jodie’s hair was dripping wet. There was even a puddle below her chair. Cody passed a second note, which read “Let’s investigate.” Liam nodded in response – anything to get out of double Spanish and lacrosse practice that afternoon.

Laid out on the operating table in the morgue, Melissa took a glance at the body of the young lad Lydia had found. Sheriff Stilinski had asked her to perform the post-mortem, supposedly at Scott’s own request. Melissa knew exactly what this meant – there was a high possibility of supernatural involvement. Stood a few steps behind were the Sheriff as well as Argent, who she had asked to join her for any expert input he might have. Immediately, looking at the body, Melissa knew how the lad had died.

“He drowned” she confirmed, making an intrusion into his chest to confirm her suspicions.

“Drowned? Are you sure?” Stilinski was surprised.

“Not only is he soaking wet but he suffocated and his lungs are full to the brim with water. Trust me, I’m certain” Melissa informed with confidence.

“Why is that so unlikely?” Argent questioned Stilinski, “He wasn’t found too far from the lake.”

“Lydia said he died there, on the spot” Stilinski justified, “He wasn’t near enough to have drowned.”

“Drowned on dry land” Melissa pondered aloud. She couldn’t hide her intrigue even if she tried.

“What could do such a thing?” Stilinski was baffled.

“I have no idea, but I think young Frankie might be our key” Argent suggested.

Meanwhile, Parrish had been left in charge of supervising Frankie. Currently, he was sat in Stilinski’s office, with a blanket surrounding his frozen cold arms. The blanket also dried up his dripping-wet locks, and he looked incredibly shaken up. Parrish stood on the other side of the closed door, speaking to Scott and the group.

“You think he’s a banshee? I thought only women could be banshees” Parrish interrogated.

“I think he’s something” Scott replied, “He didn’t arrive by accident, I know that for sure.”

“I’ll give you ten minutes with him. Be gentle” Parrish instructed, opening the door. Scott led the way as he, Stiles, Lydia, Malia and Isaac filtered into the office.

“You’re all…” Frankie was hesitant and uncomfortable, recognising them.

“Supernatural, yes” Scott completed the sentence.

“I’m not” Stiles interrupted, ever the sucker for detail.

“Stiles, do me a favour” Isaac groaned, “Shut up.” Scott ignored them both and stayed fixated on Frankie.

“We’re not going to hurt you. We want to help. I need you to tell us what happened last night” Scott spoke as gently as he could.

“I don’t know” Frankie replied, visibly distressed, “I was in bed one minute, and the next thing I knew I was stood with you guys next to some kid’s dead body.” Lydia prodded Scott to get his attention for a quiet word. They both turned their backs to him.

“Sounding familiar?” Scott whispered.

“Extremely. This is how I feel every time I find a dead body” Lydia notified.

“You think he could be a banshee?” Scott asked her opinion.

“I don’t know. Stranger things have happened in this town” Lydia reasoned. They were interrupted by a concerned Malia.

“Guys, is this supposed to be happening?” she questioned, not moving her eyes off Frankie. Scott and Lydia turned around to see Frankie dripping with a seemingly unending supply of water.

“What is that? Why is he dropping?” Isaac was confused and worried.

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen it before” Scott shared the same sentiment.

“What’s happening to me?” Frankie was just as confused. It was evidently the first time this had happened to him, and he was becoming flustered.

“I’ve got an idea” Malia suggested, speaking quietly to Scott, “He can’t remember anything. Isn’t this where you step in? Those claws are pretty handy.”

“I could kill him” Scott was unusually pessimistic.

“Worth the risk” Malia insensitively yet bluntly retorted, “Besides, you’ve got a one hundred percent success rate.”

“He’s barely sitting still, it would be dangerous” Scott remained sensible, fighting Malia’s urges.

“We need to get him to hospital” Lydia suggested.

“Lydia, you take him to the hospital with Malia. Stiles and Isaac, have a look in the bestiary for anything relevant. I’ll try and track down Theo, I think we could use an extra pair of hands. I’m gonna speak to Lawrie” Scott assertively decided.

“What about Maddie?” Stiles ruined the moment.

“I’ve called her, she’s not responded” Scott bluntly answered.

“Leave it with me” Lydia smiled smugly.

After cautiously creeping around the side of Jodie’s house, Liam stood at the back door and sniffed. He, Cody, Nolan and Becky were about to break into Jodie’s house, and the coast had to be clear. The aim was to find some sort of evidence to prove that Jodie wasn’t all she made out to be. Initially, Liam suspected that she was simply a bit of a player, but he was very confused by the water dripping off her hair earlier that morning. He knew it can’t have been a simple case of Jodie not having enough time to dry her hair that morning. It were as if a tap was situated inside her head and had been switched on in history class. Paying close attention to any scents he could notice, Liam checked for anybody around.

“Coast is clear” he announced his findings.

“Are we sure about this?” Nolan was sceptical, “I mean, what if we get caught?”

“We’ll think fast, like normal, now let’s go” Liam reassured him. He pressed on the door knob and gave himself access to the house. Immediately filling his nostrils was the rotten scent of damp. The entire house gave off a moist atmosphere, he felt it against his skin, but as he looked around, there were no signs of any damp patches.

“Can you smell that?” Liam asked Cody. He was the only one of the four without an enhanced supernatural sense of smell. Liam valued his opinion in this moment.

“Smell what?” Cody responded. That answered Liam’s question. The damp wasn’t in the entire house – certainly not in this room. His nose told him to go upstairs.

“Nolan and I will check upstairs. You two stay down here and see what you can find” Liam ordered. The group split up, as Liam led the way up the stairs. Nolan looked carefully at the sights around him as he continued up the stairs. The house was furnished nicely. Not posh or expensive, but comfortable and stylish. He saw the sights of a close-knit family in the photos hung along the staircase. Jodie surrounded by a mother, father and sister. Nolan had never had a family unit as close as that, and it was weighing on his mind more than usual in that moment.

“Can you hear that?” Liam interrupted his train of thought. Nolan focused on his hearing.

“Yes” he responded, “It sounds like the bath’s running.” They both sprinted into the bathroom, and sure enough, the bath taps were on full blast. The level of water was at its maximum point, trickling over the sides at an alarming rate. Nolan rushed to turn the taps off before any more damage could be done, his feet splashing in the dripping wet bathroom floor. He gave a concerned look to Liam, as his feet splish-sploshed back out of the bathroom. Together, they moved towards Jodie’s bedroom. Creaking open the door, Liam saw a typical teenage girl’s bedroom. It was neat and tidy, with photo frames on the wall and the bed made. It was presentable from one end to the other.

“This is almost too tidy” Liam observed, “Nothing out of place. I don’t know any bedrooms that actually look this tidy.”

“It’s been a while since you’ve been in a girl’s bedroom” Nolan joked. He stepped over and touched her bedsheet. Once again, it was dripping wet.

“Feel this” Nolan suggested. Liam joined him, and felt his hand submerged in a wet bedsheet.

“This isn’t normal” Liam noted, “We need to tell the others.”

Downstairs, the topic of conversation between Becky and Cody was on Daan.

“How long have you two been friends?” Becky politely queried.

“Since the start of high school. He was new to the country, and Nolan and I were friendly faces I guess” Cody recounted.

“You seem closer to Daan than to Nolan now though” Becky pointed out her observations.

“They’re both my best friends. They were my only friends until recently. Weirdos united” Cody joked at his own expense, “I guess Nolan’s drifted a little now he’s with Liam.” Becky noted his head looking down at his feet as he said the final sentence.

“You don’t seem too happy about that?” she mentioned.

“I guess I miss when it was just the three of us. Chilling, listening to music and playing video games. Now Nolan and Daan both have other priorities” Cody was becoming upset thinking back just a few months. He quickly changed the subject, “What about you? Any friends from your old home?”

“Nobody” Becky confessed, “I was a loner, a werehyena with no pack. I liked it though, I was my only priority.”

“I see how it is” Cody joked.

“Obviously this pack is better” Becky clarified, “But I used to tackle my own problems head on. Nobody would stand in my way. That was cool.”

“That’s it!” Cody exclaimed euphorically.

“What?” a bemused Becky questioned.

“Daan isn’t tackling his issues. Jodie is his distraction. His coping mechanism, after Father Time” Cody explained. He glanced around Jodie’s perfectly furnished living room and pulled out the cushions of the sofa.

“What are you doing?” Becky thought he was having a crazy moment.

“Look around. This room is perfect. Not a speck of dust, not a TV remote knocked onto the floor, not a dirty mug left on the table, and not even a crumb behind the cushions on the couch” Cody explained.

“We need to get out of here” he heard Liam order from the doorway. He and Nolan looked concerned, and immediately they knew they had to leave.

“Too late” came a female voice from the other end of the living room, adjacent to the front door. The group looked over – it was Jodie, stood next to another young girl of a similar age, holding a gun facing them. Jodie looked at her and gave the comment, “Liah, now.”


Promised by Lydia that she’d arrive, Scott was waiting outside the entrance to the school library, keeping his eyes peeled for Maddie. Stood by his side was Theo – somebody he’d never expected to call up for a helping hand, but he couldn’t deny the effort he’d made to cement himself as part of the pack.

“Is she definitely coming?” Theo impatiently nagged. Scott understood his frustration – they’d been waiting for fifteen minutes already.

“Lydia said so” Scott responded. It wasn’t his fault. However, he knew full well that Maddie only went by her own schedule, and she was sure to be busy making her hair look pretty or something of that ilk.

“Let me be crystal clear” came Maddie’s voice as she approached from behind Scott, “This is a favour for Lydia.” Scott nodded. He was pleased to see Maddie again. He was worried considering he hadn’t heard from her in so long. She looked paler than normal, but Scott didn’t think much of it.

“Let’s get going then” she sprung to action, taking a look at the library doors, locked shut by a card reader.

“We need a…” Scot began to explain as Maddie punched the card reader, smashing it into pieces on the floor.

“…pass” Scott finished, deflated.

“Wow” Theo muttered, smirking at Maddie’s time-saving technique. Maddie led the way through the now-open doors, examining the library. Scott and Theo followed behind, on the lookout.

“I see him” Scott identified. Sat alone on the middle desk of the relatively empty library was Lawrie, his dark curls brushed out of his eyes as he read the chemistry textbook opened in front of him. Scott led the way, and took a seat opposite him. Theo sat next to Scott, while Maddie sat next to Lawrie, surrounding him.

“Err, hello?” Lawrie awkwardly greeted as three strangers perched next to him.

“Hi Lawrie, I’m Scott” Scott smiled, ensuring he came across as friendly.

“Scott McCall?” Lawrie identified. He recognised the name from Frankie’s article and attempted to run, but Maddie placed a firm hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t move an inch” she commanded, as her eyes glowed yellow.

Pushing their way into the hospital, Lydia was desperately looking for Melissa. There were a large number of people crowding around the reception desk, where Melissa was based normally, but there was no sign of her yet.

“Where do we go?” Malia asked. She was supporting Frankie, who had his arm around her, trying not to fall. He was still dripping wet, and was leaving a trail of water through the hospital.

“Through here” Lydia used her initiative. She led the way through the corridors and into the first empty patient room she saw. Malia followed, assisting Frankie onto the bed.

“What now?” Malia was impatient.

“Now we wait for Melissa” Lydia decided, concerned at the amount of water trickling from Frankie.

Just metres away, Gerard was also arriving at the hospital.

“Are you alright sir?” a nurse asked him politely.

“Yes thank you” Gerard responded, “I know exactly where I need to go.” He looked down at the floor to see a trail of water – exactly what he had hoped to find. Now it was time to capture something he’d never captured before…

The adrenalin levels were high at Deaton’s animal clinic too. It was open time, but luckily for Stiles and Isaac, Deaton was not serving a patient in that moment. He watched as the duo arrived, as if he were anticipating their arrival.

“I assume my assistance is required” Deaton noted as he saw Stiles open the door.

“Your expertise would be invaluable” Stiles responded, following Deaton into the central operations room, “Do you know of any supernatural creatures that can trickle water?”

“Water? I’ve not seen any personally, but I know many legends” Deaton explained, “The most famous is perhaps the siren, a water-based female who lures men to a wet grave with the beautiful song she sings.”

“What about a harbinger of death?” Isaac added, “Like a male banshee.”

“You sound concerned” Deaton noted, “Is there something I should know?”

“A kid in Liam’s year turned up at the site of a dead body last night, he was behaving exactly like Lydia except he’s now become a human tap and won’t stop giving out water” Stiles explained, “Any ideas?”

“I think I might know” Deaton said, opening his filing cabinet. He took out a tatty piece of paper. Isaac leaned in closer, observing the picture on it. He saw a teenage boy drawn, with long flowing hair and attractive facial features. Below him stood a large puddle, which was growing bigger and bigger with help from the streams of water pouring down his arms.

“He looks identical to Frankie” Isaac noted.

“This is called a nix. It’s a water spirit, it can summon water wherever it goes. Typically they aren’t harbingers of death but the legends aren’t totally correct” Deaton explained, “By the sounds of it, Frankie is inexperienced and has no idea how to control his abilities.”

“How do we teach him control?” Stiles eagerly asked.

“The same way you teach a werewolf control. He needs to get to grips with his abilities, learn how they work” Deaton said. Stiles and Isaac nodded, knowing exactly what they needed to do.

As she looked around the school library, Maddie couldn’t help feeling faint. The bookshelves were blurry and she couldn’t focus on what she saw. To her left, Lawrie was being grilled by Scott and Theo, but she wasn’t really paying attention.

“Have you noticed anything strange about Frankie lately?” Scott interrogated.

“Err, he’s been spending more time working on the school newsletter I guess” Lawrie wasn’t happy to be answering these questions, but he knew he had no alternative, “He worked hard on the article exposing you guys.”

“He sounds like a headcase” Theo mentioned.

“He did what he thought was right” Lawrie defended his friend.

“He should’ve thought again” Theo was giving as good as he got. He was the bad cop to Scott’s good cop.

“Alright, let’s forget about the article for now” Scott suggested, “Frankie was found distressed last night, that’s why we’re here.”

“Is he alright?” Lawrie was concerned.

“He’s fine” Scott lied. He hoped Frankie was alright, and he trusted Lydia and Malia to keep him updated. No news was good news, he assumed, “Any help you can offer would be invaluable though.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know anything more” Lawrie regretfully said.

“It’s OK. Thank you for your time” Scott smiled. He was determined to leave a good impression, to prove he wasn’t the enemy. As he stood up to leave, Maddie collapsed to the floor with a crash. Scott immediately crouched at her side and checked her pulse.

“What’s wrong with her? Why isn’t she healing?” Theo worried.

“I don’t know. We need to get her to a hospital now” Scott said, lifting her up in her arms. Unbeknownst to Scott and Theo, somebody was watching their every move from the shadows of the bookcases. Francisco smiled, as his plan was coming to fruition.

Slowly, Nolan opened one eye. He’d heard a gunshot, and was terrified for himself. He wasn’t even able to tell if he’d been shot or not, the fear had overcome his emotions so much, and he didn’t even want to check for any injuries. Nevertheless, he plucked up the courage to glance down at himself with his one eye. No bullet wound. He was fine…for now. He opened his other eye and looked for the others. Liam stood frozen next to him, too scared to move, which was a relief – he hadn’t been hurt either. More alarming though was the sight in front of them. Lying on the floor, Becky was almost motionless. Her eyes were just about open and her chest contracted and relaxed as she struggled to breathe. In the middle of her stomach was a grotesque wound as the bullet had hit her full pelt. Normally, a werehyena of her strength could heal from a gunshot wound, but her close proximity decreased her chances massively. Cody stood next to her. He wanted to crouch down and hold her hand, but he knew he couldn’t without being shot himself.

“What did you do that for?” Liam yelled.

“You’re different. Thanks to your friend Daan, I know all about your supernatural powers Liam” Jodie spoke smugly. Liah’s hands were shaking next to her. She tried her best to look composed, but the quivering of her hands could not be disguised, no matter how hard she tried. Jodie had noticed how terrified she was and took the gun into her own possession.

“I guess I’ll have to finish this myself” she decided, priming the gun. As his survival instinct kicked in, Nolan let out the loudest roar he possibly could. His throat hurt as he used all his strength to create the loudest sound possible to throw Jodie off. He bared his eyes and fangs, allowing the suppressed wolf to shine through. Cody took this chance to run, as he, Liam and Nolan made their getaway. Jodie remained on the spot.

“Why aren’t you following them?” Liah questioned.

“We’ll catch up to them, don’t worry” Jodie arrogantly answered. She looked down at the floor as Becky’s eyes slipped shut and her chest became still, “This is just the beginning.”

“Dripping water?” Melissa was confused. Having examined Frankie’s vital signs, nothing in his body seemed out of the ordinary, but in many years of nursing, Melissa had never seen anything like this.

“I’ve stopped now though” Frankie added, “That’s good, right?” For the past few minutes, the flow of water out of his body had indeed stopped, thanks to Malia finding a heap of towels.

“Where did these towels come from?” Melissa wondered.

“I found them on your desk” Malia responded naïvely.

“I’ll be right back, I need to call the maternity ward and explain the delay in clean towels” Melissa said, standing up.

“Will I be okay?” Frankie worried, turning to Lydia. His trust in the girls was increasing – they were the only people willing to help him in that moment.

“You’ll be just fine” Lydia reassured him, “We just need to figure out what you are.” On the spot, Lydia took a deep breath. She felt light-headed and like she was no longer in the room. All she could see in her mind was one word. A name, one she recognised too.


Also arriving at the hospital, Theo held the entrance doors wide open as Scott carried Maddie through, using his strength to ensure she was comfortable in his arms. While talking on the phone, Melissa saw her son arrive and without hesitation, she hung up and rushed to Scott’s aid.

“What’s up?” she asked.

“She just collapsed, she’s not healing” Scott explained fast, barely knowing what to say but ensuring Melissa knew enough to be able to help.

“Let’s get her onto a bed and check her over” Melissa sprung to action, leading the way to the same ward that Frankie was in. Melissa knew she had to keep the supernatural action contained as best as she could. However, Gerard’s keen eye didn’t miss a trick. He was still watching, and the pieces were falling into place. Francisco appeared at his side, like a puppy returning to its owner.

“It’s done” he verified.

“You worked well Francisco. Scott won’t know what’s hit him, giving us the perfect opportunity to strike” Gerard was cryptic as ever, but his plan was mapped out in perfect detail in his head. The hospital was his, and there was no way he’d allow Scott or his nix ally out alive.

3: Antidote Written by MarthaJonesFan

Swimming was Frankie’s favourite time of the week. He swam every Friday afternoon once his dad had picked him up from school, and the rest of the week served only to build up anticipation. It was fun and frolics for an hour, maybe two, as his dad took his ten-year-old son to do what he loved best. Frankie was a competent swimmer, but only felt comfortable in the shallow end of the pool. The deep end terrified him – the idea of not being able to touch the floor of the pool felt unnerving, so he steered clear. Until one Friday. His dad encouraged him to conquer his fear. If he jumped in at the deep end, he’d take Frankie for a slap-up meal at his favourite restaurant afterwards. Frankie knew it was worth it – he hadn’t been for a meal out in so long and was desperately craving it. Eager, he climbed out of the pool and walked round to the deep end. He positioned his toes so they were dangling into the water, anticipating his move. His heart was pumping louder than ever, as he braced himself for what he was about to do. Frankie knew he had to be brave. He took a deep breath in, and elegantly jumped into the pool, just centimetres away rom where his dad was patiently waiting for him. Under the water, he panicked. Everything he knew about swimming had left his mind. He opened his mouth without thinking. Any air he’d kept was now lost, and he struggled. All of a sudden, the panic stopped. He wasn’t flailing anymore, and he felt at ease in the water. All of his worries alleviated. Disrupting his flow, he was yanked out of the water by his dad in a worried panic. His dad checked he was alright, but Frankie didn’t know. Nothing that just happened made sense to him, and ultimately, he found it traumatising. That was the final after-school swimming session that Frankie ever had with his dad.

Guest Stars:

Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, JR Bourne, Ryan Kelley, Cody Christian, Nick Robinson, Michael Hogan, Dilan Gwyn, Juanpa Zurita and Nesta Cooper.

Coughing and spluttering, Maddie was beginning to come back around. In front of her eyes as she regained consciousness was Melissa, greeting her with a kind smile. That’s what she loved about Melissa. Throughout everything, she never lost her kindness.
“Welcome back” Melissa said. Maddie looked around. The room was crowded, as Scott, Theo, Lydia and Malia stood anxiously waiting for news about her. It was a pleasant and heart-warming sight. Sat on the chair next to her, surprisingly, was Frankie – the lad who had assisted them with Father Time.
“What’s he doing here?” she slurred.
“Long story” Lydia answered, “We’re just glad you’re alright.” Maddie smiled. She still didn’t feel very well, but the support of her friends was pleasing.
“Maddie” Melissa took on a more downbeat tone, “When you woke up, you coughed up this substance.” A lavender-coloured glob was in her hand, held up to Maddie’s eyeline.
“What the hell is that?” Maddie was repulsed.
“That looks like mistletoe” a horrified Scott identified.
“I don’t know how that ended up in your system, but it worries me very much” Melissa expressed her concern.
“I think I might have an idea” Maddie muttered under her breath, worried. She reflected back on the past few days. The only people she’d spent time with were Isaac and Argent, who she lived with, and Francisco. It wasn’t hard to narrow that list down.
“Alright you lot, let’s allow the patients some rest” Melissa intervened, noticing Maddie was exhausted and emotional. She escorted everyone except Maddie and Frankie out of the room.
“I need to tell Scott” Maddie coughed to Melissa, “About Francisco.”

Outside the room, Scott rested himself on the wall. He was exhausted, emotionally and physically. What’s more is that he hadn’t told the others about Gerard yet. He’d hardly had a moment, thanks to Frankie and Maddie. However, he had Gerard in the back of his mind. He couldn’t help suspecting that Gerard was responsible for poisoning Maddie. He was the prime candidate, actually, and currently the only viable one.
“Will she be alright?” Malia questioned. Both she and Maddie were coyotes, so they shared a bond even if they didn’t always see eye-to-eye. Malia tried to shield her emotions, but she was undoubtedly worried about Maddie.
“She’s in the right place” Theo felt similar. He was only part-coyote, but the bond was still there.
“I’m more concerned about who poisoned her. This was an organised job, nobody poisons a supernatural with mistletoe by mistake. I think I know who it might have been, too” Scott thought aloud.
“I suppose some credit should be given where it’s due” the spine-tingling sounds of Gerard’s voice filled the air from behind the group. Scott turned around, immediately filled with rage, “Young Francisco has worked superbly well.”
“What do you want?” Scott questioned.
“What’s grandpa doing here?” Malia whispered sternly in Scott’s ear. Scott ignored her, focusing on the number one problem in front of his eyes.
“What I’ve always wanted, Scott” Gerard responded, “To wipe every last one of your verminous kind from Beacon Hills.”
“And I can’t let that happen” Scott firmly answered.
“You won’t have much choice” Gerard gravely retorted. He primed a gun, as he was joined by two more hospital staff. The rest of the town was beginning to get clued up on their secret, and it wasn’t good news.

Pacing back and forth, Stilinski was anxious. He’d given Scott free reign with Frankie, and he trusted him implicitly, but the lack of communication was alarming. He’d tried calling many times, but there was no response, and it was stressing him out.
“Parrish!” he yelled out. Like a servant, Parrish poked his head around the door in record time.
“Yes sir?” he responded.
“I need you to get an APB out on Frankie Hartman. I can’t get hold of Scott and I need all hands on deck. This radio silence is unlike him” Stilinski ordered. Parrish nodded and closed the door behind him.

Slamming the door shut, Stiles was anticipating seeing Scott. They’d arrived at the hospital and noticed the car park was suspiciously empty. In a busy hospital like Beacon Hills Memorial, it was unheard of to see it so quiet. He looked at Isaac, who shared the same confusion. Anticipating that something bad was about to happen, Stiles armed himself, picking up the baseball bat from his car boot, stored lovingly in case of an emergency.
“Are you really bringing that?” Isaac was embarrassed to see Stiles pick the bat up.
“You can never be too prepared” Stiles responded. Isaac thought better than to argue, and he led the way to the hospital entrance. Appearing out of the automatic doors was a young man, of a similar age to them both. In his hand was a bow and arrow, which reminded Isaac of the weapon Allison used to carry.
“Sorry boys, this entrance is out of bounds” he said with a sense of arrogance as he primed his weapon. As he stepped out of the shadows, both boys recognised him – they’d seen him kissing Maddie in the club on New Year’s Eve.
“Leave it to me” Isaac warned Stiles. He activated his inner wolf, as if it were as simple as the flick of a switch. His yellow eyes glowed in the dark of night, and he roared towards Francisco. Picking up the pace, he sprinted towards him, but Francisco let go of the bow and the arrow pinged into Isaac’s chest. He fell to the floor, startled by the attack and struggling with the pain. As Francisco revelled in his victory against a vicious wolf, he looked around for the wimpy human he was with – no sign. WHACK! Stiles lamped Francisco around the head with his baseball bat, and he collapsed to the floor, unconscious.
“I take it back” Isaac spoke, still struggling with the pain, “I guess it has its uses.” Stiles smiled, pleased with himself. He crouched down to Isaac and yanked the arrow out of his chest with a firm tug.
“Come on, let’s go” Stiles was ready for action.

“Can we not come to some sort of agreement?” Scott pleaded with Gerard. He was desperate in that moment. Gerard wanted a full-scale war between human and supernatural. Scott wanted nothing less.
“I think it’s gone way past that with your infestation. Now you’ve brought a nix to Beacon Hills, even I have no previous encounters with such a being” Gerard explained.
“What the hell is a nix?” Malia questioned.
“A creature that has power over water, also known as your new friend Frankie” Gerard revealed, “Isn’t it ironic how the person who exposed supernatural presence in Beacon Hills is a nix?” Lydia and Malia exchanged worried glances. Gerard knew more than he was letting on, Malia could tell. For someone who lied so frequently, Gerard was terrible at controlling his heart rate. It was faster than average, as Malia listened intently.
“Hand him over, Scott, and I’ll give you and your friends a reprieve for the night” Gerard bargained.
“No chance” Scott didn’t even consider it. He was not handing Frankie over without a fight, and he was more than prepared to battle with Gerard.
“Anything that happens from here on out is your own doing, Scott” Gerard threatened.
“You think?” came a voice from behind. It was Liam, who elbowed Gerard in the face, causing him to collapse to the floor and drop his weapon. Cody kicked the weapon across the floor, well out of his reach.
“Go!” Nolan yelled to the group. They dispersed, but Scott stayed frozen on the spot. Nolan went to make his getaway, but noticed Scott hadn’t moved, and stayed alongside him.
“What’s up?” Nolan asked.
“We can’t keep running” Scott decided, glancing down at Gerard.

Faster and faster, Theo sprinted wildly away from Gerard. Following him was Liam, keeping pace just a couple of steps behind, but the others must had gone a different way, he deduced. Approaching the lift, Theo slammed his hand against the button adjacent. He pressed it continually, as if it would hurry up the lift. The doors slid open, painfully slowly. It felt even more sluggish than usual to Theo, as they hopped into the metal chamber as quickly as possible. Theo selected the basement, hoping they could hide in the morgue, and the doors slid shut again. An awkward silence passed between the two of them. Liam knew he had to mention Becky, but he had to consider his words very carefully. Theo was a ticking time bomb, and the wrong word could cause him to implode. Then again, the loss of Becky could well do that anyway.
“I need to warn Becky” Theo thought aloud, breaking the silence. He slid his phone out of his tight jean pocket. Liam knew he had to speak up now.
“You don’t” Liam corrected. Theo gave him a confused look as Liam explained himself, “Theo, she came with us to investigate Jodie’s house. We were caught…and there was nothing we could do.” Liam spoke solemnly, and he noticed Theo’s face drop as he realised what Liam was talking about.
“Don’t say it” Theo tried to block it out. He spoke quietly but firmly.
“She didn’t make it. I’m so sorry” Liam struggled to get the words out without breaking down in tears himself.
“I said don’t say it” Theo angrily responded, “Is it that difficult?” Liam didn’t react – he knew Theo was in shock. It wasn’t worth battling with him in that moment. All of a sudden, the lift screeched to a halt. They were not at their destination yet, and this worried Liam. They’d been caught. He looked over to Theo, who was staring blankly ahead. No tears, he was simply in a state of shock.
“Theo, I need you to listen. We can mourn Becky later, but right now, we need to fight our asses off” Liam had to give him a pep talk, “It’s what she would have wanted.”

Maddie’s phone kept pinging – signalling the arrival of new text messages. She stared at the phone next to her on the hospital bed but didn’t want to pick it up.
“Are you gonna get that?” Melissa questioned. She’d just finished adjusting the bed, so Maddie was as comfortable as possible.
“It’s probably just Casey, he insists on bothering me with a series of tiny texts instead of one long message” Maddie smirked.
“How’s he finding England?” Melissa asked.
“He says it’s great. Archie is perfect for him, he sounds so happy” Maddie smiled.
“Not to interrupt this love-in, but I’m gonna put it on silent. It’s giving me a headache” Frankie complained as he stood up and scooped Maddie’s phone up off the side of the bed. As he glanced at the screen, he couldn’t help spotting the top text. Maddie glanced over.
“Are you reading my texts?” she interrogated.
“It’s Scott, he says not to leave this room” Frankie read with a grave tone to his voice, “And not to let me out of sight.”

“You called for me?” Argent strolled into Stilinski’s office. He was happy to assist the sheriff with anything needed, but the lack of clarity over the phone call had him confused.
“Scott’s not picking up, he’s been gone for hours and I can’t get hold of anyone else. I’m worried” Stilinski confessed.
“Scott’s a big boy, he knows what he’s doing” Argent debated.
“Sorry to interrupt” Parrish peeped round the door once again, “But there are reports of a siege at the hospital. A few people are trapped inside, teenagers supposedly.”
“Thanks Parrish. We’re on it, send every available unit there” Stilinski ordered, before turning back to face Argent, “Even big boys need back-up.”

Meanwhile, Malia had led Lydia and Cody to the stairwell, and was heading up frantically.
“Where are Theo and Liam?” Cody asked, looking around him.
“They went another way I guess. They can fend for themselves” Malia’s survival instinct had kicked in and she was caring mostly for herself. Thinking of other people would only bog her down.
“We should be trying to find a way out, not going upstairs” Lydia pointed out.
“This is Gerard, he’ll have all the exists covered. If we hide out, they may have to abandon post and we can make a run for it” Malia explained.
“What could go wrong?” Lydia sarcastically retorted.
“Rather a lot actually” cane a voice Cody recognised. From the staircase above, he saw Jodie looking down with a smug grin on her face. The next thing he knew, a stream of water was flooding down on him, whacking him in the face…

As Gerard composed himself, Scott and Nolan stood watching. He was still on the floor, and had a bloody nose, but wasn’t severely injured. Nolan had never met Gerard before, but he’d heard the stories from the others. It was enough to terrify the hell out of him. Particularly now he knew what he and other hunters were capable of.
“Your beta is a violent weapon Scott” Gerard commented, referring to Liam.
“He elbowed you. There’s nothing supernatural about that” Scott corrected. He knew Gerard hated supernatural beings and, sure enough, there were criticisms to be made of any species. However, he knew humans could be just as dangerous.
“The rage of his inner wolf, mixed with a hormonal teenage boy with intermittent explosive disorder. A sane human would know better” Gerard was furious.
“A sane human wouldn’t take the life of an innocent” Nolan added, “Like Becky.”
“What?” Scott was baffled.
“One of his minions killed Becky unprovoked, who will be next? She wasn’t hurting anyone” Nolan was angry, and his eyes glowed.
“Nolan, remember your anchor” Scott reminded his beta. He looked deep into Nolan’s bright yellow eyes. Nolan’s breathing slowed down as he composed himself.
“Another angry beta, you’re making a habit of this” Gerard said as he stood up.
“You don’t get to judge my friends after what you’ve just done” Scott yelled. Usually calm and collected, Scott was anything but right now.

Bursting into the patient room, Isaac was relieved to see Maddie safe and sound. He’d followed Frankie’s scent through the hospital but picked up Maddie’s too. Now he’d located them both together, being looked after by Melissa. Stiles followed him through, feeling similarly relieved.
“What’s up with you?” Isaac asked.
“She’s been poisoned by mistletoe and is very fragile. I’m so glad you’re both here because I don’t know where to begin helping her” Melissa confessed.
“Err” Stiles was stumped, “I’ve never seen this before, but I’m confident Deaton would know.”
“The issue is, we can’t get to Deaton. They’re blocking the exits and we were lucky to get in” Isaac added.
“Who is? What’s going on?” Maddie was worried, “Scott texted me but it was vague.”
“Hunters” Stiles confirmed, “Including your lover boy from New Year’s Eve.”
“Francisco?” Maddie reacted. She wasn’t shocked in her response, more delighted that it confirmed what she already knew, “That’s all the proof I needed. He did this to me.”
“Hold on, speaking of hunters, Gerard managed to cure himself of wolfsbane poisoning, right?” Stiles theorised.
“Argent said he’d given him a piece of the actual yellow wolfsbane used to poison him, and it worked as an antidote” Melissa explained, “But we don’t have access to any mistletoe to do the same for Maddie.”
“I think I know someone who might” Stiles pondered.

Composed and ready for action, Liam was delighted that his pep talk had benefited Theo. The two of them stood side-to-side, anticipating whatever was to come. The lift had been still for ten minutes, but there was no sign of anything or anyone.
“Maybe it just broke down” Liam thought aloud.
“Don’t be stupid. It’s one of Gerard’s minions. It has to be” Theo said. He focused his hearing above the lift. He heard a light pitter-patter getting closer towards them, getting heaving and heavier.
“Listen” Theo ordered. Liam did the same.
“What is that?” Liam wondered, noticing the same sound. BANG! The pitter-patter stopped as whatever it was landed on top of the lift.
“Someone’s climbed down the lift shaft” Theo identified, as the top panel of the lift was lifted up. Within an instant, a gunshot was fired into the lift. Theo dodged out of the way just in time, keeping Liam out of the firing line. Without a second thought, he pounced through the panel and onto the top of the lift, coming face-to-face with their attacker. From below, Liam caught her scent.
“It’s Liah” Liam identified.
“It’s her isn’t it?” Theo responded. He could smell Becky’s blood on her clothes. There was no denying it, “Oh, I have been waiting for this.” He grinned as Liah fired another bullet, shooting straight past Theo’s head, missing only by a millimetre. He clasped his hand around the barrel of the gun and squashed it to pieces in his hands, crunching with all the pressure he could force through his hands. His claws dug in as he switched into his wolf form, feeling nothing but anger as he looked Liah in the eye. Theo lobbed the remnants of the gun across the lift shaft, leaving nothing between he and Liah now. She backed off, terrified of the beast in front of her. Theo moved forward and pinned her against the wall, placing a hand around her neck. Slowly, he began to lift her up, restricting her windpipes. She was crying, trying to break free.
“Sorry, I’m so sorry” she muttered. Theo didn’t care as she gasped for air, kicking his legs and trying unsuccessfully to break free.
“Theo” Liam yelled from below, hearing the struggling going on above. He pounced up to the top of the lift too and was horrified to see what Theo was doing. Realising Theo hadn’t listened to him, Liam stepped it up a notch. He took a deep breath, and as loudly as he could, he roared Theo’s name. Looking at Liah’s face, Theo finally realised his actions. He let go of Liah and turned to Liam as a tear formed in his eye. Liam approached and embraced him in a hug. Liah watched on, feeling horrible about herself. She was seeing the results of her actions, and she hated herself.

Finding herself soaked in water, Malia was furious. Her deep blue eyes shone through the gushing liquid. She ran out of the stream and leapt up the flights of stairs to Jodie. The water streamed out of her mouth and her fingertips, quite unlike anything Malia had seen before, and Jodie redirected the shots towards Malia. She was unphased though and pushed Jodie against the wall. Jodie shot another flow of water directly in Malia’s face from her mouth, and broke free in a moment of weakness from Malia. She continued to run upstairs, hoping Malia would follow.
“Malia!” Cody yelled from below, “Come down. She’s dangerous.” Malia growled, reluctantly following Cody’s advice.
“What the hell is she?” Malia pondered.
“I think we found our culprit for the murder” Lydia identified, “I wonder if Gerard knows that one of his own is supernatural.”

Creeping out of the hospital room, Stiles and Melissa made their way back to the front entrance. Both of them were hoping Francisco was still unconscious, but just in case, Stiles had his baseball bat to hand.
“You think this will work?” Melissa wondered.
“I like to remain optimistic” Stiles responded, mostly avoiding the question. To his relief, as they approached the entrance, he spotted Francisco’s body in just the place it had been left. Stiles placed the bat down on the floor next to Francisco, so he had both hands free to complete the mission. He reached into Francisco’s trouser pockets, and sure enough, he found what he was looking for. A pure mistletoe plant was in his right pocket. Stiles grabbed it, but just as he tried to make his getaway, he felt an arm grab onto his wrist. He looked, and Francisco had woken up.
“Nice try” his smug words contrasted with the soft tone of his Mexican accent. Stiles struggled, but Francisco had way too strong a grip.
“Try this” Melissa yelled, whacking him on the head with Stiles’ bat. The grip was loosened as Francisco slumped back onto the floor, and Stiles was freed. He took a deep breath as his heart was beating like crazy.
“I thought I was toast then” he laughed.

Meanwhile. Isaac had stayed behind to keep guard over Frankie. He now knew exactly what Frankie was, but couldn’t help resenting him over the article. Perhaps if it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t be surrounded in the hospital by hunters. His article undoubtedly inspired Gerard’s group to join him in the fight against supernaturals.
“I’ll tell you what” he thought aloud, “Let’s have some fun.” He stood up and grabbed Frankie by his t-shirt, pushing him into the hospital room’s en suite. Attempting to struggle, Frankie was unsuccessful. Maddie leapt out of bed to follow them, worried about what Isaac was doing. He pushed Frankie into the bath, and picked up the shower hose, turning the tap on at full blast. The hose sprayed water out into the air, and Isaac aimed the harsh stream directly at Frankie’s face. Water dripped down his t-shirt, which stuck to his body with the liquid it now carried. His wavy blonde locks sagged down his cheeks, losing the volume they usually exhumed.
“Please stop” he begged, as all he could remember was his final swimming trip with his father. Memories of jumping in at the deep end filled his mind, and the struggle he felt as he couldn’t find his footing in the pool. Isaac didn’t give in. All of a sudden, Frankie’s eyes began to glow a sea blue, paler than the shade of Malia’s eyes. He calmed himself down, no longer phased by the unforgiving stream whacking him in the face. Frankie broke free of Isaac’s grip, and calmly raised his hands, stood graciously in the bath tub. Isaac and Maddie watched on as gentle streams of water trickled down from the ceiling.
“You’re a nix, Frankie” Isaac revealed, “You’re one of us.”

“Lives will be lost Scott, it’s inevitable” Gerard insisted. He had regained his posture, wiping away the droplets of blood tricking down his nose.
“I agree” Scott firmly responded, “But there’s a difference between losing lives and taking them. Nobody should have that power.”
“And yet, it’s all your kind ever seem to do” Gerard noted.
“Not all of us. The only difference between us is claws and fangs. We’re capable of the same things” Scott adamantly protested.
“You may think you’re different Scott, but you still have blood on your hands, albeit indirectly. If it weren’t for you, Allison would be at college now, and I’d be the proudest grandfather around” Gerard argued, knowing exactly which buttons he had to press in order to rile Scott.
“Allison died saving you, saving all of us. She might not be here anymore, but she showed more courage in that moment than you have or ever will” Scott emotionally responded. Listening in, Nolan was trying to control himself. Gerard’s voice alone angered him, and the fact someone hated his mere existence so much was horrifying.
“It’s not about courage, it’s about the code” Gerard continued, “We hunt those who hunt us.”
“You’d better leave then” Nolan chimed in, “Because we’ve never hunted you.”
“Your beta is outspoken Scott. He should know his place” Gerard scolded.
“We’re not stuck in the dark ages” Scott backchatted.
“I think that’s enough talk, you did your best but it was a pathetic attempt as I expected” Gerard wrapped things up.
“What are you gonna do? Rant us to death?” Nolan provoked. Before Gerard had a chance to reply, the atmosphere in the hospital picked up as a number of officers filled the room.
“This is the sheriff’s department, put your hands in the air” Deputy Parrish commanded as he and other deputies surrounded Gerard. Sheriff Stilinski followed alongside Argent.
“Take him away” Stilinski commanded, before turning to Scott, “Are you alright?”
“Fine, but he’s not the only one here, there’s more, and they killed Becky. My mom is with Maddie and Frankie” Scott confirmed.
“You guys get yourself out of here, I’ll find the others” Argent suggested, handing Scott a folded piece of paper. Unscrunching it, Scott read it in his head. It simply said “the lake house”. It was a message from Argent – a hideout location, not spoken aloud in case Gerard overheard. He looked at Nolan, nodding, and together they sprinted out of the hospital.

The pack assembled at Natalie Martin’s lake house that evening. Melissa was tending to Maddie, who was lying on the sofa. She was still weak, but Melissa had brought the mistletoe with her.
“You need to eat this, it should work” Melissa instructed. Maddie nodded, and took a bite of the mistletoe plant. Disgusted by its taste, she swallowed it nonetheless. Immediately, she felt a reaction taking place in her body. Exceptionally uncomfortable, Maddie felt her insides burning as the mistletoe worked its magic. She sprung off the sofa and onto all fours, as the mistletoe poison trickled up her throat and she spat it onto the floor.
“I better get some cloths” Lydia responded, not even slightly thrilled about the mess on the laminate flooring. She muttered under her breath, “Thank god it’s not carpet.”
Maddie composed herself, immediately feeling much better. She saw a hand positioned in front of her, to help heave herself up. She assumed it was Melissa and took advantage, but as she climbed to her feet, she saw it was Scott.
“Sorry” Maddie immediately said, letting go of the hand.
“I offered, it’s the least I could do” Scott smiled. Maddie smiled back as she sat back down on the sofa, exhausted but relieved she was in good health.
“What now?” she asked Scott.
“We think of a plan. Hopefully we’re safe here, for now anyway” Scott admitted. He left Maddie alone to rest and took a stroll to the boat house. There he saw Frankie, looking over the tranquil lake.
“It’s beautiful” Frankie commented as Scott perched next to him, dipping his toes into the water.
“You know, this world you’re a part of, it doesn’t have to be scary. We’re all here for you” Scott spoke softly. Despite all that had happened, he knew he had to be there for Frankie just as he was there for the others.
“It’s ironic really, after the article” Frankie contemplated, “If I could take it back, I would. Right this second.”
“I know” Scott reassured, “What’s done is done. All we need to do now is get through this together. Are you in?” He and Frankie locked eyes.
“You bet” Frankie grinned.

4: Allies Written by MarthaJonesFan

Stumbling around, Theo found himself at the high school. He didn’t remember how he got there, but he knew he had to find Becky. She was the only thing that mattered to him. He looked at the corridor ahead. There may as well have been a tumbleweed drifting across – there wasn’t even the hum of the radiators. Theo began opening classroom doors, desperately checking for Becky, but had no luck. Only one door remained – the front entrance. Theo heaved the double doors open, finding it a tougher job than usual. There in front of him stood Liah, pointing a gun directly at his forehead. Theo began to run in the opposite direction, terrified for his life, but Liah fired a shot anyway straight through his back. Theo tumbled onto the floor, crashing into the stone-cold laminate. Liah kept firing, every shot just as painful, not giving Theo enough time to heal, until…

Theo’s eyes shot open. He looked around him, feeling sweaty and startled. He was lying comfortably in Liam’s spare bedroom, where he’d been staying for the past few months. Nothing out of the ordinary was in the room, but everything in his life had changed. For a moment, he’d forgotten what was missing in his life. Never again would he see Becky, and it hurt like hell.

Guest Stars:

Linden Ashby, Seth Gilliam, Ryan Kelley, Cody Christian, Khylin Rhambo, Michael Johnston, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Ian Bohen, Anjli Mohindra, Paige Turco, Michael Hogan, Dilan Gwyn, Juanpa Zurita, Nesta Cooper, Timothée Chalamet, Cody Saintgnue and Michelle Clunie.

Exhausted from the night before, there was no rest for Scott. He, Stiles and Lydia were with Deaton. They’d had success in figuring out what Frankie was, and now they were hoping for the same luck with Jodie. Lydia had come face-to-face with Jodie, and she was certain that Jodie and Frankie were different beings, not least when it came to their composure. Jodie was experienced and confident in her abilities, and capable enough to use them to murder the young lad in the forest.
“How do Jodie’s abilities differ from Frankie’s?” Deaton asked, hoping for a clue.
“Frankie can summon water, and by the looks of things, Jodie can only excrete it” Stiles detailed.
“And she’s a murderous psychopath” Lydia added.
“Stiles, do you remember I mentioned the siren? I think that’s what we’re looking at here, although like I said, no legend is one hundred percent correct. Instead of singing to attract her victims, it sounds like Jodie lures her victims by sexual attraction” Deaton suggested.
“Like a succubus” Lydia noted, “A mythical female creature that kills people through intercourse.”
“Exactly, although with Jodie, the intercourse isn’t a weapon, merely a tool. This explains how he drowned on dry land” Deaton noted.
“If she can do that, it means her sole purpose is to kill” Scott worried.
“And that is fearsome as a creature like that has no concept of mercy” Deaton added.
“So how do we capture her?” Scott asked optimistically.
“We kinda have already” Stiles mentioned, “My dad arrested her, Francisco and Gerard last night. She’s at the sheriff station, locked up.”
“I worry how long she’ll stay that way. Water can get almost anywhere, if she’s experienced then she’ll have no trouble getting out of a trap like that” Deaton warned.
“We better get there right away” Lydia decided.

Meanwhile, Malia, Isaac and Maddie were making their way through the tunnels underneath the town. It was the best place for a secret meeting and considering most of Beacon Hills was giving the pack strange looks, it was worthwhile taking extra precautions and keeping a low profile.
“Do they not clean this place?” Maddie complained. She’d stepped straight into a puddle, splashing up onto her stylish skinny jeans.
“It’s your choice – you either get mud on your clothes, or your own blood” Isaac responded bluntly.
“Alright I get the picture” Maddie quit moaning, but still wasn’t happy with the situation. As they turned a corner, they heard a familiar voice.
“I hope travelling all the way down here was worthwhile, my new shoes are absolutely wrecked” Peter Hale said with his usual tone of arrogance.
“Dads would go to the end of the earth for their daughters. You’ll survive a five-minute walk down here” Malia put him in his place.
“Alright, what do you want?” Peter ignored her quip and got to the point.
“Your help” Malia responded.
“Gerard’s got a new team of hunters, and it’s only a matter of time until more people join the fight” Isaac added.
“And you want me to join your side” Peter finished, “I’ll save the bother, it’s a no.”
“Fine, let’s get back to the warmth of Argent’s house instead of freezing to death here” Maddie decided, beginning to walk away. Malia rolled her eyes at Peter and followed, as did Isaac.
“Okay, what do you want me to do?” Peter gave in. Maddie smirked, pleased her plan worked.

Sighing, Stilinski geared himself up. Parrish was about to escort Gerard Argent into his office for an interview and, even with the crazy people he’d interviewed in the past, nothing could prepare him for Gerard and he knew it. Parrish ferried him in and handcuffed him to Stilinski’s desk.
 “These handcuffs really are unnecessary” Gerard began, “I’m an old man, Sheriff.”
“If it were up to me, you’d be in a straightjacket” Stilinski quipped, “Let’s begin the interview.”
“Let me get something clear; are you in pursuit of every single detail? Including how I was threatened by two werewolves” Gerard threatened. Stilinski sighed, rolling his eyes to Parrish.

Gripping onto the bars, Francisco was trying his best to find a way out of the holding cell within the station. He tried yanking on them, hoping if he tugged hard enough, they’d break off. No luck. He tried shaking them ferociously. Still no luck. Jodie sat watching him, judging his attempts to break out.
“Pathetic” she laughed.
“If you think you’d do a better job, be my guest” Francisco retorted.
“You think people haven’t tried to escape before? It’s not going to work, or they’d have changed their system. The sheriff department aren’t stupid” Jodie educated.
“What do you propose we do? Liah won’t come for us, she’s too goddamn weak” Francisco was unimpressed.
“How long can you hold your breath?” Jodie proposed.

Perched on a bench outside school, Frankie was staring vacantly into space. Lawrie was glancing at him, wondering why he wasn’t acting like his usual self.
“Sleepy?” Lawrie presumed, trying to get his attention.
“Huh?” Frankie snapped back to his normal self.
“What’s up dude?” You’ve hardly said a word all day” Lawrie pondered.
“I’ve just got a lot on my mind” Frankie shrugged it off. He didn’t fancy telling Lawrie about the hospital, or the fact he drips water every now and then.
“I wasn’t born yesterday” Lawrie caught him out, “Is that Scott guy giving you grief? He stalked me in the library yesterday, all because he’s some werewolf freak.”
“Shut up” Frankie retaliated, raising his voice, “He’s not a freak.”
“What’s gotten into you?” Lawrie yelled. Frankie stood up and stormed off, leaving Lawrie sighing. He was totally confused by the sudden change in heart his friend had had.

Frankie stormed into his maths class, where he immediately saw Cody. He gave an awkward smile but didn’t feel lie chatting. He was living a normal life, at school, where nothing had changed. Anything else could wait until 3pm. Cody was sat with Daan, who Frankie vaguely knew but they hadn’t interacted. However, he was dating one of the hunters. Another water creature, according to Cody. Frankie tried his hardest to forget about everything, but he couldn’t. He gave in and moved two desks in front to be next to Cody, two seats along from Daan.
“I can’t get it out of my mind” he whispered to Cody.
“It’s alright” Cody smiled, “You’ll get used to it.” Frankie made eye contact with Daan and shared an awkward smile.
“Does he know?” Frankie mouthed to Cody, referring to Jodie’s true identity. Cody nodded.
“He’s taken it well so far” Cody whispered, careful for Daan not to hear, “I’m worried about him though.”
“Alright class” Miss Padhi began teaching her lesson, “Open your books and differentiate the equation on the board please.”
“Not until he’s out of here” a lad piped up at the front of the class. He was on the lacrosse team, but not part of Daan, Cody or Frankie’s social circles.
“Jason, what are you talking about?” Miss Padhi interrogated.
“Him” Jason stood up and pointed directly at Frankie, “He’s one of them.” Frankie’s heart dropped. He had done this to himself with his article, and immediately he felt worse than he already did.
“What on earth are you on about?” Miss Padhi pretended not to know, hoping to protect Frankie.
“If you won’t remove him, I will” Jason threatened as he began walking over to a quivering Frankie to the sound of cheers from the rest of the class.

Upstairs, Corey felt similarly uneasy in biology. Miss Finch was going over the previous night’s reading, but he wasn’t listening. All he could see was people staring at him around the classroom.
“They’ll get over it” Mason reminded him.
“But until then” Corey was hesitant to relax, “I don’t feel safe. Where’s Liam? I thought he said he’d protect us.”
“He got held up. Theo needs him apparently. Understandable with Becky I guess” Mason reasoned.
“Oh yeah, way to make me feel better” Corey sarcastically retorted.
“Hey” Mason consoled him, “You’re a badass chimera who can turn invisible whenever he wants. Nobody else in this room can do that.” Mason put his hand on Corey’s, and they smiled at each other, relaxed simply by gazing into each other’s eyes.

Deflated, Theo sat on the end of his bed. He was still in his boxer shorts that he had slept in, not feeling the motivation to get dressed. There was no point, he thought, as Becky wasn’t there anymore. Knocking gently on the door, Liam poked his head into the room.
“Room for a small one?” Liam raised a friendly smile.
“Do I have a choice?” Theo sighed.
“No, it’s my house” Liam chuckled, joining Theo on the end of the bed, “It gets better you know.”
“I don’t know, that’s just it. I’ve never felt like this before. This is grief? It sucks” Theo confessed.
“I remember when my nana died, it felt like my world collapsed” Liam revealed, “I was only six years old.”
“Your point is?” Theo impatiently questioned.
“You get over it. You don’t forget, but it hurts less and you think of the good times” Liam advised.
“Is this how everyone feels? When they lose someone they love?” Theo questioned, “Every life I’ve taken. They had families too.” A tear fell down his cheek. It was the first time Liam had seen Theo so vulnerable. He opted not to answer the question, not wanting to kick Theo while he was down. He simply placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. Interrupting the vibe, the doorbell rang downstairs.
“I’ll go” Liam decided. He calmly closed Theo’s bedroom door and jogged downstairs.
“Honey, one of your classmates is here” Joanna mentioned from the kitchen, “She’s in the lounge.” Liam was intrigued. If it were Scott or one of the pack, Joanna would have mentioned them by name. He cautiously walked into the lounge and immediately closed the door behind him, having seen just who was stood in the centre of his living room. Liah was stood in front of him. Liam was furious that she had the audacity to turn up and invite herself in. The last thing he wanted was for Theo to see her.

Taking deep breaths, Nolan was hovering in the boys’ changing rooms. He had made a phone call to a guy Liam had told him about once, via Liam’s phone when he was asleep.
“I assume you’re Nolan?” came a voice from the doorway. Brett Talbot stood their casually.
“Yeah, thanks for coming” Nolan awkwardly greeted him.
“What’s this about? I guess you’re a friend of Liam’s. We’ve not always seen eye-to-eye and he’s a total douchebag, but I kinda like the kid. Don’t tell him I said that” Brett smiled.
“I need advice. Liam’s my boyfriend” Nolan explained.
“You learn something new every day” Brett responded nonchalantly, “Are you public?”
“Kinda. That’s why I wanted to talk to you. We don’t know each other, so you won’t judge me” Nolan continued, “How should I tell my parents?” Brett contemplated.
“I told them pretty casually that I was bisexual. I tried not to think too hard about it or I’d get paranoid” Brett recalled.
“I’m worried that my mom will hate me. She’s already quite frosty with me, we’re not close. My dad left years ago, I don’t see him much” Nolan specified.
“I’m sorry dude” Brett said sincerely, “Honestly, that makes it better. What do you have to lose? No matter what, you’ll have Liam and Scott.”
“Thanks” Nolan smiled sweetly. Brett had taken an instant liking to Nolan and his reserved nature. Now was his chance for some information in return.
“What’s this about hunters? News travels fast but I’ve not heard details” Brett questioned.
“Gerard Argent” Nolan responded. That was all he needed to say for Brett to feel worried for himself and his pack.
“How can I help?” Brett immediately questioned.

Desperately rushing into the sheriff station, Stiles had no qualms about interrupting his father’s interview with Gerard.
“Dad, I need to speak to you right now” Stiles insisted as he burst into the office.
“Stiles, can’t it wait?” Stilinski complained.
“No, if it could wait, I’d have waited” Stiles wasn’t budging. Stilinski sighed and stood himself up, leaving Gerard placed where he was, securely handcuffed to the desk. Closing the office door behind him, Stilinski still kept his voice to a whisper in case Gerard listened in.
“What’s the problem?” he questioned.
“It’s Jodie. She’s a creature called a siren, her sole intention is to kill, and that cell won’t hold her for very long” Lydia explained quickly.
“What do you propose?” Stilinski asked, open to suggestions.
“Sheriff, there’s a leak here” a deputy in the corner of the room announced. Sure enough, a flow of water was making its way into the room.
“The cell” Scott identified the direction it was coming from. He led the way to the cell room. Water was trickling quickly through the closed door, both underneath and from either side.
“It’s getting higher” Lydia noticed. Sure enough, the stream from the sides of the door was rising higher and higher.
“Do we open it?” Stiles wondered.
“It would flood the entire station” Stilinski reasoned firmly, “Absolutely not.”
“Francisco’s in there, he could drown” Parrish added. Scott weighed it up in his mind.
“It’s flooding anyway, look at it. Clear out the electrical equipment. We’re going in” Scott ordered.

“Let me get this straight” Peter began in a disapproving tone, “You’re fighting a water creature? Do you know how powerful they are? They could put out the fire of a hellhound just by opening their mouths.”
“Exactly. That’s why we need all hands on deck” Malia explained, “Even barrel scrapes like you.”
“I’m glad your sense of humour hasn’t been washed away” Peter sarcastically retorted.
“All we need is some form of trap for her” Isaac noted.
“And a way to divert the hunters” Maddie added.
“When you put it like that, it sounds so simple” Peter continued his sarcasm.
“Nobody said it would be easy, but you can fight better than all of us combined. We need you” Malia pleaded.
“What if I want a quiet life? Do I not get that option?” Peter moaned.
“You’re a werewolf, when is life ever quiet?” Isaac responded.
“Gerard won’t let you rest” Malia debated, “Either you die as a chicken, or fight with us and stand a chance of winning.”
“I fancy our odds” Maddie backed Malia up.
“You fancy most things” Isaac joked. Maddie elbowed him, but she couldn’t disagree.
“Alright” Peter sighed, “But as soon as this is done, you can forget all of these favours.”
“You’re my dad. You don’t escape that easily” Malia reminded him with a smirk.

Shoving Frankie onto the floor, Jason threw his fist into his face. Daan and Cody sprung out of their seats in horror, frozen to the spot and scared that helping him would see them being hurt too.
“Stop right now” Krishna yelled, furious at her students. Jason didn’t care though. He flung another punch towards Frankie, whose nose was dripping with pure red blood. Fed up, Krishna restrained the aggressive Jason.
“Take him out” Krishna ordered to Daan and Cody. They scooped Frankie up and rushed him out.
“You can run, but you can’t hide” Jason screamed after Frankie.
“Get Ms. Martin” Krishna commanded to another student as she struggled to retain Jason. Still listening in, Frankie was terrified. His face hurt like crazy and he was quite sure his nose was broken. What’s more is that he didn’t know if he had the healing powers of werewolves. He was sure to find out soon, though.
“I need to text Mason, we’re not safe here” Cody decided.

Bracing himself, Scott prepared to open the door. His shoes were soaking wet, and the flow of water was still steady through the door. All equipment and important paperwork had been rapidly cleared by the deputies, so they were ready to go. Scott took a deep breath and pressed the door handle down, heaving the door open. It was tough and Scott had to use a surprisingly high level of strength to go against the flow of the water. Watching from outside, Stiles and Lydia still got their feet wet as the water flooded its way out of the cell, through the main office of the station and out the front door, guided by some well-placed cabinets creating a river of sorts. Lydia sighed as she slipped off her posh new shoes, now dripping wet. Scott was soaked from the waist down, but with the doors now open, much of the water filtered away and went back to ground level. Before Scott could investigate the room, he was whacked over the head by a fire extinguisher, out cold. It was Francisco, and he and Jodie rushed out of the room. They came eye-to-eye with Stilinski and Parrish, who were ready and waiting at the entrance with their guns primed. As soon as they came into sight, Stilinski fired a bullet, but Jodie batted it away with a stream of water, which she then directed at their faces. Stiles watched on as Jodie’s skin turned a scaly green, and her eyes became a sea blue. Francisco had vanished in all the confusion, and eventually, the stream of water stopped, giving Jodie the perfect moment to escape out of the back.
“You’ve gotta be kidding” Stilinski complained, composing himself and realising both were out of sight. Scott picked himself up and sighed. Now they could be anywhere and tracking them down was bound to be difficult.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Liam furiously questioned Liah.
“I had to see someone, I’m so sorry” Liah responded, tripping over her own words.
“Theo is upstairs, he cannot know you’re here” Liam was firm. Liah nodded, understanding Liam’s reasoning.
“I’m so sorry. I know words can’t make up for what I did, but I’ve thought of nothing else since” Liah explained.
“You still killed Becky. She had a life, she had prospects, and you took it from her” Liam reminded her.
“I didn’t want to” Liah sniffed, trying not to cry as she knew she had no right, “It was Jodie. She wanted me to kill someone so she could slip under the radar. She didn’t want Gerard to know.”
“What she really is” Liam completed, “So that means Jodie wears the pants, not Gerard, and he doesn’t even know it.”
“He’d be furious if he found out” Liah added.
“Why are you telling me this?” Liam was confused, even if he were grateful for the information.
“I want to help fight Jodie. You’ve already lost a friend, and I don’t want to see that anymore. Besides, I can get insider information” Liah detailed.
“I’d have to speak to Scott” Liam mentioned.
“Sure, whatever you need” Liah smiled, calming herself down. Liam listened to her heartbeat. Nothing was out of the ordinary. It had a regular rhythm, meaning she was telling the truth. Besides, no matter what he thought, the issue wasn’t convincing Scott – it was convincing Theo.

Making their way out of the tunnels, Maddie led the group back in the direction they came. The tunnels were mostly quiet, interrupted only by the sound of water drip-dropping through the cracks in the ceiling. However, the peace and tranquillity was ruined by a vile sound. Maddie immediately covered her ears, sheltering them from the horrific racket. The high-pitched vibrations scraped at their ear-drums, and even when Malia, Isaac and Peter followed suit, they still couldn’t block it entirely.
“It’s an emitter, like Argent’s” Malia identified.
“Hurry, they’re down here” Isaac warned, paying attention to the scents he could suss.
“Who?” Maddie wondered. Most of Gerard’s clan were locked up as far as she knew – this had to be someone else. Isaac paid closer attention to any scent he could pick up, looking for anything familiar.
“I don’t know, I don’t recognise the scent, they’re new” Isaac explained, shouting over the noise of the emitter.
“Whoever they are, they’re experienced enough to use sound against us. I’d rather run than risk facing them” Peter said, before making a run for the exit. The others followed, but soon all four ground to a halt. Just in front of them stood a large, burly man, holding a long shotgun. Peter looked behind, hoping for a quick escape. More gunmen were approaching in that direction, blocking any chance of an exit. Huddled together, the group had no way out.

Waiting at the car park, Daan, Cody and Frankie were joined by Mason and Corey. The school was unsafe for them, and the idea that someone could beat Frankie up in front of the class teacher horrified Mason and Corey when they heard what happened.
“Dude, I’m so sorry” Mason sympathetically said as soon as he saw Frankie’s bloody nose.
“Where are we going? If there are people like this at school, then we’re not safe anywhere” Corey worried.
“We can’t just hide at the lake house, Ms. Martin owns that and they’ll find us in no time” Cody pointed out.
“Who even cares?” Frankie pessimistically stated, “We’ve lost. Everybody hates us, we’ll never be accepted until we’re rotting in the ground.”
“Scott fought hunters before and won, he can do it again” Mason was more optimistic.
“I think I know where we can go. I remember finding somewhere really cool to hang out, do you remember it?” Daan suggested, glancing at Cody.
“It got knocked down, they were building something there” Cody replied.
“A new block of flats, yeah. It hasn’t opened yet. We’d be safe, nobody would think to check for us there” Daan continued. With no better suggestions, the group got into their cars – Daan and Cody in one, Corey and Mason in another, and Frankie in his own. Frankie caught Lawrie’s eye as he was about to open his car door.
“You go off with them why don’t you” Lawrie yelled disapprovingly.
“Get in” Frankie ordered to him, hoping he could explain everything on the way. He wasn’t about to lose his best friend over this. Lawrie rolled his eyes but followed Frankie’s instruction. However, by the time he reached Frankie’s car, there was no sign of him. He checked inside the car, and around other cars in case he was playing a practical joke, but there wasn’t a trace of Frankie, beyond a suspiciously wet area next to the driver’s side of his car, on a sunny, dry day. Frankie was gone, and there was no-one else around to help Lawrie.

Jogging back to the front of the station, Parrish confirmed what they already knew. He’d done a check throughout the station, but there wasn’t a trace of either Jodie or Francisco. The back entrance had been tampered with, despite its security-card locking system.
“The seal is broken, they’ve gone” he announced.
“So much for trapping them” Stiles was deflated.
“They’d have escaped anyway, we just ensured it did as little damage as possible” Scott was optimistic as always.
“Don’t count your chickens until they’ve hatched” Gerard’s spine-tingling voice came from behind them. Spinning around, the group saw Gerard, Francisco and three deputies facing them with guns.
“Deputies, I demand you discharge your weapons” Stilinski commanded calmly but firmly.
“How did he get free?” Stiles whispered to Lydia.
“It must have been one of those deputies” Lydia suggested. They ignored the sheriff’s command, still holding their guns directly at the group.
“Now we have a siren added into the mix, one of our own at that. This gets better and better” Gerard smirked, priming his weapon.

5: Numbers Written by MarthaJonesFan

Shaken and disorientated, Frankie stirred, immediately feeling the awful cold, soggy concrete slab he was lying on. Any home comforts like pillows or a duvet had not been supplied, and wherever he was, he’d certainly not been there before. Harshly, before he could look around, he felt a dose of water punch him in the face, thrown at him from a bucket. Frankie tried his best to dry his face, shifting his dripping locks out of his eyeline. In front of him stood Jodie, facing him with a cocky smile on her face.

“What do you want?” Frankie asked desperately. He tried to get up, but he’d been chained to the wall, secured firmly in a handcuff.

“All in due course” Jodie responded vaguely. Frankie struggled, hoping he could shake the handcuff off, but he had no luck. He looked at Jodie, knowing she was a creature similar to him. This was his chance to learn more.

“What are you?” he interrogated.

“Siren” she responded, as her skin turned a vile scaly green and her eyes a sea blue. Frankie sat open-mouthed, not believing what his eyes were telling him.

Guest Stars:

Linden Ashby, Ryan Kelley, Khylin Rhambo, Michael Johnston, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Ian Bohen, Michael Hogan, Dilan Gwyn, Juanpa Zurita, Nesta Cooper, Timothée Chalamet and Cody Saintgnue.

In a sticky situation, Scott was desperate to get through to Gerard. However, five people pointing guns at him didn’t feel like the right time or place to be negotiating. Nevertheless, he had no choice in that moment.
“You don’t have to do this, there’s a better way” Scott pleaded. He knew he’d tried this tactic countless times with Gerard, but Scott wasn’t about to stoop to his level in pursuit of what he wanted. He always had his morals and dignity.
“Letting you live is not better, Scott, your disease will continue to spread. Three people bitten already, how many more innocent people will become infected by the end of your life?” Gerard ignored his point and continued pushing his agenda.
“All three were out of necessity. Liam and Hayden would’ve died otherwise” Scott justified.
“And yet, Nolan remains the odd one out” Gerard argued.
“Nolan learnt how to control himself. He’s a better person now, he’s learnt restraint” Scott pointed out.
“And yet, none of you could stop the siren from escaping” Gerard continued.
“What do you need from us?” Lydia queried, jumping in, “There has got to be a way other than killing us.”
“We could help you” Scott added, “If we pool our resources, we could capture Jodie before any more lives are lost.” Scott could tell Gerard was considering it. The fact he didn’t decline immediately was optimistic. Stiles, however, watched on in horror, as Scott may as well have just made a deal with the devil.

Checking the rear-view mirror, Mason was concerned. There was no sign of Frankie’s car behind his own. He was closely following Daan’s car, unsure of exactly where they were heading, while Corey sat in the passenger seat. Frankie was supposed to be following too, and considering the road was as quiet as any class became when Ms. Martin entered the room, it wouldn’t have been hard to spot his headlights.
“Where is Frankie?” Mason wondered aloud, hoping Corey would soothe his worries like he usually does.
“He must have got held up” Corey presumed. This was not the convincing and reassuring reply Mason was hoping for.
“You don’t think something bad has happened, right?” Mason shared his concerns.
“Lawrie called him over didn’t he?” Corey recalled, “He’s probably just making an excuse to get away from him. He’ll be along soon.” Interrupting their chat, the cheerful ringtone of Mason’s phone sounded. It was the last tune he wanted to hear in that moment, when he felt anything but joyful.
“Oh, can you get that? It’s probably Liam, he said he’d call” Mason asked of Corey. Glancing at the screen, Corey was surprised at the actual caller.
“It’s Lawrie” Corey corrected. Shocked, Mason now felt sick, worrying that his fears were justified after all. Answering the call, Corey was now speaking to Lawrie.
“Woah, slow down, what’s happened?” Corey was remaining calm. Mason only heard his half of the conversation. – Corey obviously hadn’t thought of using loudspeaker.
“Don’t worry, we’ll find him. I’ll text you our address, meet us there as soon as you can” Corey reassured, finishing the call. He glanced at Mason and reluctantly nodded.
“I knew it” Mason hated that his fears were confirmed. Frankie had vanished, and they had to find him. Quickly.

Cornered, Malia was ready to fight. Sure enough, her opponents had weapons, but it wouldn’t be the first time she’d survived a gunshot, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. However, there was an element of doubt in her mind. She blamed Scott for this. When she lived as a coyote, she didn’t think twice before defending herself. Scott had taught her a different way. She hated to admit it, but it was a better way, too. She looked around her. Isaac, Maddie and Peter looked to be wondering the same. Could they fight their way out? Malia was confident she could win. Besides, if she was going to die, she would die fighting. She gave the order, a gentle nod to the rest of the group, before she unleashed the coyote she’d learnt to control so well. She bared her teeth, ready to pounce on the man in front. Peter joined his daughter in battle, while Isaac and Maddie looked to the group behind. Instantly, the gunman in front took aim at Peter and fired. Dodging the bullet like an expert, Peter ignored any idea of restraint and launched himself at the gunman, holding his arms securing in a position where the gun wouldn’t fire at the others. However, the gunman’s strength was fighting back. Shots were being fired into the air as he tried helplessly to break free. Neither of them were winning this battle, as neither of them were able to break free and fight. All of a sudden, the gunman was whacked over the head from behind, as Nolan swung a lacrosse bat at him. He flopped onto the floor, unconscious. Joined by Liam, Brett and Liah too, the group were now outnumbering their attackers.
“Stand down” Liah commanded, hoping her former loyalty to Gerard would work in her favour.
“You’re a traitor” one of the gunmen responded.
“I only warned you for your own benefit. Get ‘em boys” Liah gave the order, as Nolan, Liam and Brett joined the other four in defending themselves. Maddie revelled in snapping a gun in two, flinging its owner across the dingy tunnel, while Isaac bashed another man’s head against the wall, knocking him out stone cold. Now only one attacker remained. As the pack stared him in the eye, he showed his true courage. Dropping his weapon, the man sprinted back in the direction he came. Malia smiled. She was delighted that she trusted her instincts to fight.
“Now we find Scott” she decided.

Frankie watched Jodie from across the room. He had never met her before, but he knew she was dangerous. She was ultimately behind the death of Becky, his classmate. He’d even fancied her for a while when she first arrived. The fact that she’d been killed so cruelly made him sick to his stomach, and he was especially concerned he’d be joining Becky, wherever she was, before long.
“What do you want from me?” Frankie questioned.
“Who says I want anything?” Jodie snapped back.
“You’ve killed before, you’d have killed me too by now if I didn’t have a purpose” Frankie reasoned.
“Intelligent” Jodie observed.
“I’m a journalist, it’s my job to notice the details” Frankie informed.
“To answer your question, you and I may be similar beings but we’re not the same” Jodie explained.
“You can say that again” Frankie was mortified at the implication that he and Jodie were in the least bit similar.
“Your powers could help me” Jodie continued.
“To do what? What’s the aim here?” Frankie was baffled by her power trip and was desperate for more answers.
“I suppose there’s no harm in telling you, it’s not like you’ll live to tell the tale. I want to be the alpha. The leader of a pack so strong that Nogitsunes and Dread Doctors have been scared off for good” Jodie justified, “I just need rid of Gerard, and rid of Scott McCall.”

Uncomfortable, Stiles was struggling to understand Scott’s motivations. Unbelievably, Gerard had agreed to work with Scott to locate Jodie, but the entire situation felt like a recipe for a disaster, sprinkled with an extra dose of chaos. As the sheriff station was being cleaned, they had to set up base elsewhere. Stiles’ dad had picked up a number of case files that may prove relevant, and they relocated to Scott’s house. As they unloaded the cars, Stiles nabbed a quiet chat with Scott and Lydia.
“Is it only me who thinks this is a catastrophically bad idea? This is Gerard, need I remind you” Stiles vented.
“We’ve had worse ideas” Lydia noted, “And they didn’t go too badly.”
“We have literally made a deal with our own equivalent of the devil, I think this takes the biscuit” Stiles reiterated.
“It’s only short term, if anything, it buys us time. Don’t worry, I won’t let my guard down for a second” Scott reassured. While Stiles trusted his best ate over anyone, he couldn’t help his doubts.

Arriving at their destination, Mason took the chance to admire his surroundings. Around them was nothing but forest, the trees only making way for a narrow lane leading up to the newly developed block of flats. Surrounded by a metal fence, the modern flats were not open yet, but Mason recognised the location.
“This used to be the Hale house” Mason identified.
“Who?” Cody queried. He hadn’t met any of the Hale family, and Mason himself was far from an expert but his inquisitive nature had led to Scott telling him details.
“Malia’s dad Peter is one. Long story” Corey added.
“It used to be derelict, Scott said Derek still lived there after it had been burnt down” Mason recalled.
“We used to hide out here when it was abandoned. Our secret place” Daan reminisced, “We had our own theories of how it burnt down.”
“It was hunters. Gerard’s daughter Kate” Mason informed, “She burned it down with the Hales inside.”
“She sounds like a right headcase” Daan noted, “Come on then, let’s get inside.” As the group made their way to the gate to suss their way in, Mason’s annoyingly chirpy ringtone sounded once again. This time, it actually was Liam.
“Hey dude, what’s up?” Mason casually answered the call.
“Wherever you are, stay inside. Tell the others too, it’s not safe, there are hunters everywhere” Liam immediately relayed, skipping any pleasantries.
“I know, Frankie got attacked at school and now he’s been taken” Mason informed.
“What? By who?” Liam was taken aback.
“I think I can make a pretty good guess” Mason replied. He didn’t know for definite who had taken Frankie, but Jodie was the only viable candidate.
“Where are you? We’ll meet you there” Liam queried.

Sorting carefully through all the case files he’d amassed over the years, Stilinski was looking for anything that might be a clue as to where Jodie had gone. Sure enough, they could split up and look for her, but their resources would then be limited, and this way, they’d be able to work together to fight her.
“What’s her surname?” Stilinski questioned.
“Richardson” Lydia answered.
“I wish it were less common a name” Stilinski responded, opening the case of files beginning with ‘r’. He handed half of the chunky pile to Parrish and kept half to himself.
“I’ve said for years that we needed a better filing system” Parrish remarked, much to Stilinski’s disapproval.

At the opposite end of Scott’s living room, he and Francisco were talking quietly. While Scott couldn’t stand the sight of the guy that had poisoned Maddie, he wanted to understand him better.
“How did Gerard find you?” Scott questioned, keen to know more about his story.
“He met me outside college before the holidays, asked if I’d give him a hand. He showed me pictures of werewolves” Francisco recalled, “He wanted me to join the fight. I was repulsed, I knew I had to. He showed me a werewolf he’d captured too.”
“You were okay with that?” Scott responded.
“It was dangerous. How many lives have been lost as a result of these creatures?” Francisco tried to justify himself.
“So, you thought you’d poison one of my best friends?” Scott let out his rage.
“It was Jodie’s idea. Now I know why. Still, she’s one of you” Francisco felt no remorse.
“You realise not all of us have asked for this, right? I didn’t want to become a werewolf, but I’ve made the best of it, same for Maddie” Scott passionately explained.
“I’m sorry” Francisco replied, “But I stand by my view.” Scott sighed. At least he had made an effort to convince Francisco that he was being narrow-minded. On the bright side, the fact Francisco hadn’t killed him already gave Scott hope.

Arriving with a screech, a trio of cars all arrived at the new block of flats simultaneously. In one car was Liam, Nolan, Brett and Liah; the second had Malia, Isaac, Maddie and Peter; and the final one simply had Lawrie. Mason stood between a gap in the metal gate, signalling the way in.
“Did anyone see you?” Mason interrogated Liam.
“No, the roads are totally empty” Liam responded with confidence. All of them rushed inside the building as Corey led them up the staircase to one of the empty flats on the second floor.
“Why are we going so far up?” Maddie complained on the way.
“It’s a less obvious hiding place than the lobby downstairs” Corey justified.
“I swear to god; these shoes couldn’t be less comfortable” Maddie went on.
“Oh, give it a rest, we’ve got bigger problems” Malia snapped. Despite them getting past their differences, she and Maddie were vastly different people so occasionally they had their gripes.
“Time and place” Isaac nudged them both. The pack assembled in a barely furnished room, with no chairs or tables in sight before anyone could move in. Mason and Corey were the last ones to arrive, closing the door.
“What the hell is going on?” Lawrie asked them as they arrived. In all of the craziness, they had forgotten he wasn’t in-the-know.
“You’ll find out” Mason opted not to explain from scratch. It would’ve been a lot to take in, and too much time would be needed.

Frankie had no idea how long he’d been changed up. He kept drifting in and out of sleep, and his phone had been taken off him so he had no measure of time. What’s more was that Jodie was getting startlingly close to finishing whatever it was she was doing. She came over and clipped a couple of metal discs to his bare chest, and another two to herself. They were connected by a couple of thin wires that were a couple of metres long each – long enough to stretch across the room. She looked him in the eye and smiled victoriously.
“Thanks, I guess” she smugly said, before pulling a switch on the control panel adjacent. Immediately, electricity surrounded Frankie, the water conducting it and making the flow stronger than usual. Frankie’s eyes glowed a sea blue, much like Jodie’s, as the electricity flowed from him to her. Just as Jodie had planned.

“Hey guys, look what I got here” Stiles announced. Scott and Lydia, perched either side of Stiles on Scott’s couch, peered over his shoulder. Stiles read from the sheet in his hand, found within the files that Stilinski had amassed over the years, “Jodie’s parents died in suspicious circumstances last year.”
“I knew I recognised the name. She went to foster care. Tragic” Stilinski’s memory was jogged.
“Not so tragic with hindsight” Stiles corrected, “It says they drowned, but their bodies were found in the family living room.”
“I told you she was dangerous. Now do you see why killing a beast like a siren may be our only option?” Gerard nagged. Scott wanted to argue with him, but he couldn’t find a good enough reason. He wasn’t wrong – perhaps it was the only way of stopping Jodie. Before he had the chance to reply, he heard his phone vibrating. Saved by the buzz. He saw the message preview on his lock screen. A short but sweet message from Isaac – “Frankie gone, meet at Derek’s old house.”
“Frankie’s been taken” Scott announced to the group.
“It’s her, it must be” Francisco deduced.
“Where would she take him?” Lydia queried, “I mean, she wouldn’t logically take him to her house. She must have a hideout where she’s kept herself under the radar.” She picked up the sheet of paper Stiles was holding.
“That’s it! Her dad worked as a mechanic. The garage has been abandoned since” Lydia announced.
“So, what are we waiting for?” Gerard stood up.
“No” Scott interrupted, “We can’t go in all guns blazing, she’ll be expecting that. We have to be smart about this. I’ve got an idea.”

Ten minutes later, Scott, Stiles and Lydia arrived at the side where Derek’s house used to be. Thankfully, they’d been able to shake off Gerard – his presence would only cause tension and slow down the discussion Scott was hoping to have with the others.
“This place still gives me the creeps” Stiles commented.
“It scrubs up well though” Scott noted, admiring the modern design of the flats.
“Come on, second floor” Lydia assertively led the way. It didn’t require a mathematician of her ability to know that they didn’t have time to waste. Pacing their way up the stairs, the group followed Isaac’s directions. Lydia knocked five times on the door, as instructed, to signal to the rest of the pack that it was them and not an intruder. Isaac unlocked the door, giving them access.
“Wow, you’re all here” Scott noticed the room filled with the rest of the pack. It had slipped his mind just how many people were on his side. No matter what other factors came into this, they had the numbers on their side.
“No time for pleasantries, we need a plan of action” Liam decided.
“Alright, so what have we got? Everything we know about Jodie” Stiles sprang into action.
“She’s water, right? How can we fight water?” Maddie thought aloud.
“Boil it” Malia suggested.
“We can’t boil her, that’s inhumane” Lydia rebuked.
“So?” Malia responded, still open to the idea. Isaac raised an eyebrow at her, as if to question her sanity.
“We could do the opposite – freeze her. She could be kept alive, but she wouldn’t be harmful to anyone” Mason wondered.
“How could we do that? It’s nowhere near cold enough here” Scott queried.
“Eichen House” Lydia gravely mentioned. Scott felt his heart sink. Everything bad seemed to come from Eichen House. He was not optimistic, but it did seem like the best suggestion.
“Alright” he regretfully sighed, “Let’s do it.”

Struggling with the pain of the electricity, although withstanding it way more than any normal human could, Frankie felt himself being drained. The life was being sucked out of him, and there was nothing he could do. Although, having said that, he remembered what Scott stood for. What he’d have done in that situation. Frankie knew that Scott would fight back. So, any strength he had needed to be put against Jodie. If he was going down, he’d be going down fighting. Staring directly at Jodie, Frankie raised his arms up. Using every once of energy that he could summon, he focused on water. He didn’t think about anything else, in the hope that this would be his way out. He called it to him, summoned it, imagined it dropping over Jodie’s computer at the far end of the room. Computers and water were not a good mix, hopefully it would at least stop the pain he was experiencing. Immediately, a sole drop fell from in between the cracks in the ceiling. Whatever he was doing was working, and that was all the motivation he needed to keep going. The drops became more frequent as water trickled along the ceiling from the numerous cracks in the old, abandoned building. Drip, drip, drip, all over the computer. It began to spark and malfunction as the electricity flow stopped, much to Frankie’s relief. Catching Jodie off guard, Frankie used the rest of his strength to break free of the chains, and instantly he made a run for it, ensuring he picked up his mobile phone on the way out.
“No!” Jodie yelled furiously as she composed herself, noticing Frankie had escaped.

6: Solidification Written by MarthaJonesFan

Sat quietly in her bedroom, Jodie was furious. She’d been sent upstairs by her mother for the second time that week and was now grounded for the rest of the month. It happened way too frequently. So what if she’d been expelled from school? The girl deserved what she’d got for insulting her appearance. A punch up in the playground was nothing. At least she’d been disposed of afterwards. One problem down, two more were downstairs. She’d just about mastered her powers too, and she’d topped her supply up with a swim in the lake before school that morning. She had to be careful though. If she were to do this, her life would change either for the better or worse. If she succeeded, her life would be so much easier. No nagging, no rules, and no restrictions on when she could and could not use her powers. However, if she failed, it could be the end of any chance of freedom. She couldn’t think like that though. Pessimism would get her nowhere. Jodie stood up from her bed and made her way to unlock her bedroom door. Slowly making her way down the stairs, Jodie strolled into the family living room, where both her parents were, and shut the door behind her. When she’d open the door again, she’d be rid of the two people that made her life a misery. For good.

Guest Stars:

Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, JR Bourne, Ryan Kelley, Cody Christian, Khylin Rhambo, Michael Johnston, Kaj Nieuwenhoff, Nick Robinson, Ian Bohen, Michael Hogan, Dilan Gwyn, Juanpa Zurita, Nesta Cooper, Timothée Chalamet and Cody Saintgnue.

Pacing around the empty, not yet sold flat, Scott was racking his brain cells. The group had thought of a plan to trap Jodie, but there was one drawback. The bait. What would get her to Eichen House? She wouldn’t respond to a phone call asking her to come. He had to figure out what she wanted. He posed the question to the group.
“What is it that Jodie wants? Why is she doing this?” he questioned.
“It’s normally about power, probably that” Isaac suggested.
“Power, and status” Liah added, “I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this. What she asked me to do, she wanted to keep herself hidden from Gerard, so it was something he wouldn’t approve of.”
“She wants her own pack” Liam suggested, “And if she wants her own pack…”
“She needs me out of the way” Scott finished the sentence, “She wants me. I’ll get the message to her.”
“How? She’s not got a phone we can call her on” Lydia queried.
“I need to get to Eichen. Liam, when I give the signal, I need you to rescue Frankie. She must need him for something” Scott ordered. Liam nodded, as Scott turned around and headed out of the flat, followed by a group consisting of Lydia, Maddie, Malia, Stiles, Isaac and Peter.

Breathless, Frankie was exhausted. He was sprinting away from Jodie’s hideout, but he didn’t know where he was. He was surrounded by woodland, but that could’ve been anywhere – the Beacon Hills Preserve was massive. One thing he knew for certain though. Scott lived on the edge of the forest. The question was which edge. It wasn’t like there was a signpost directing the way to Scott’s house. He had to gather his senses. His sense of smell told him little beyond the fact that a dog walker clearly hadn’t cleaned up after their pet. Hold on – a dog walker! That must mean an exit isn’t too far away, surely? Unless the dog walker got lost too. Still, Frankie knew that optimism was key. It was Scott’s strongest trait.

Getting restless at Scott’s house, Gerard stood up to leave. He wasn’t wasting any more time playing nice with the sheriff and his deputy when they could be out completing their mission. He had to start finding Jodie, or she would gain too much ground on him. He could not give her the advantage, only a fool would be so stupid. He faced Stilinski and Parrish, as the ever-faithful Francisco didn’t hesitate to stand up and join him.
“It’s been a pleasure, gentlemen” Gerard patronised, “But I have a job to do. Your precious Scott is wasting time.”
“You’re going nowhere” Stilinski firmly responded, taking his gun out of its holster. Impulsively, Francisco pulled his gun out too. They were stuck in a stalemate.
“Nobody wins here, Sheriff” Gerard commented. As much as he wanted to remain in control, Stilinski knew he was right. He lowered his weapon regretfully, allowing them both to stroll out of Scott’s house.
“Why did you do that?” Parrish questioned, momentarily ignoring that the sheriff was his superior.
“Gerard will never admit it, but Scott has always been his biggest fear” Stilinski reasoned, “We still have the upper hand. Now for some phone calls.”

A determined yet downbeat atmosphere was present in Liam’s car, as he, Brett and Nolan drove through the dark, desperately hoping to stumble across Frankie, or any indicator of where he might be currently. They were heading in the general direction of Jodie’s dad’s old garage, but with his laptop, Mason had tracked Frankie’s phone. He and the rest of the remaining pack were still at the apartment, acting as the pack’s control hub.
“He’s still on the move” Mason’s voice filtered through the loudspeaker on Nolan’s phone from the back seat of the car,
“Keep going, you’re not far now Cody added.
“Got it” Nolan responded. Liam was taking the information in but was paying more attention to Brett.
“How long have you two been together?” Brett keenly asked, referring to Liam and Nolan.
“Almost three months” Liam responded instantly. It required no thought – that was a detail he instantly knew.
“I didn’t know you had feelings that way” Brett noted.
“Is this your way of telling me you’re interested?” Liam joked.
“Don’t flatter yourself, you’re too annoying” Brett laughed. Everything bad he felt about Liam had long since faded, and he was now like a little brother, “He seems good.”
“I really like him. The fact that he’s a guy barely crosses my mind” Liam opened up.
“He’s a keeper, and so are you. He’s lucky to have you” Brett responded. Liam was thrilled. While he and Brett hadn’t always seen eye-to-eye, his approval meant a lot.
“Guys” Nolan interrupted, oblivious to the conversation they’d had, “He’s just ahead.” Liam pulled the car to a half, the breaks screeching as the vehicle stopped just short of a distressed and wet Frankie in the middle of the road. Liam flung himself out of the car.
“Are you alright?” he asked, concerned.
“Yeah, but she can’t be far behind, we have to go now” Frankie warned.
“We need to get to Eichen, Scott’s got a plan” Nolan yelled out of the car window. Wasting no time, Liam and Frankie hopped into the car, and they headed to their new destination. However, unbeknownst to them, Gerard had overheard every word they said from the shadows. He laughed to himself and set his sights on Eichen House too. Perhaps he could get two birds with one stone.

“Are you sure this will work? What if she can’t hear you?” Malia was sceptical of Scott’s plan. They were stood outside Eichen House, in the bitter cold night.
“It’s gotta be worth a shot” Scott optimistically replied.
“I think it’s a stupid idea. We have the perfect solution, just allow Gerard and Jodie to kill each other and we can sit pretty in the middle” Peter unhelpfully suggested.
“There’s a better way” Isaac responded.
“I didn’t say it was better, I said it was easier” Peter noted.
“Here goes nothing” Scott said, before turning around to face away from Eichen. He let his inner wolf rip, roaring at the top of his voice. The sound waves travelled across Beacon Hills – everyone would hear it, but only a select few would understand it.
“What if Gerard hears it?” Maddie wondered, much too late for any productive action.
“He won’t be able to trace it. He doesn’t hear like we do” Scott explained, “Now we wait.”

Brimming with anticipation for their trap, Scott was getting prepared while they waited for Jodie’s arrival. Each member of the team had their special purpose: Malia would secure the exit with mountain ash so she couldn’t escape; Maddie and Peter would keep guard outside in case unwanted guests arrived; Lydia and Stiles were in charge of activating the frozen cell; leaving Scott and Isaac as bait. He didn’t feel too comfortable about this, but it had to be done.
“How are you doing?” Isaac asked as they lurked in the Eichen lobby.
“I’m fine” Scott responded quickly, avoiding eye contact.
“You’re not over her, are you?” Isaac inferred. Scott sighed in defeat.
“Why is it always this goddamn hard to get over girls?” Scott confessed.
“You don’t have to tell me. Isn’t this the second time we’ve had to get over the same girl?” Isaac laughed.
“Yeah” Scott reflected on losing Allison. It played on his mind every single day, and he vouched never to let it happen again. She didn’t die for nothing. However, he still felt uncomfortable discussing it, and changed the subject, “I thought people would be here? The place is empty, beyond the patients locked away.”
“They’re in town with the hunters I guess” Isaac presumed. Eichen House staff were no strangers to the supernatural and had often used unnecessary force against them. Neither were surprised they had joined the fight against them.
“Frankie’s article has caused chaos” Scott mentioned. Despite Frankie now being his ally, he couldn’t forget about the article. Something had to be done when all of this was over.

Pacing back and forth, Maddie was in plain view in front of the Eichen House gate, waiting to spring into action.
“Don’t you think we should hide?” Peter suggested.
“We’re meant to be keep people out. Hiding in the bushes is the least helpful thing we could do” Maddie retorted.
“The whole point is that we want Jodie inside. She’ll know it’s a trap if we’re stood yapping at the gate” Peter reasoned.
“Fair point” Maddie gave in – something she rarely did. They both crept behind the bushes either side of the large open gates.
“Keep your eyes peeled, but also your ears. We’ll hear them coming before we see them” Peter advised. Maddie listened intently. Peter was experienced and despite all of the stories she’d heard about him, he was proving to be very good in a crisis. Focusing her hearing, she could recognise the pitter-patter of footsteps. She simply turned to Peter and nodded – confirming what he could also hear.
“More than one” he whispered as quietly as he could.
“Hunters” Maddie delicately whispered back.
“On my go” Peter commanded as the footsteps approached a human’s hearing range, “3…2…” Maddie’s adrenaline was building.
“1…go!” Peter gave the order and they both pounced on their targets.
“Hold up” Maddie paused proceedings as she recognised the culprits, “It’s Liam and the guys.” Sure enough, she had just knocked Liam clean off his feet and slap bang onto the rock-solid concrete. She clambered off him, stood up and reached a helping hand out.
“Were you followed?” Peter impatiently queried.
“No, I don’t think so” Nolan answered, “What are you doing out here?”
“Keeping guard” Peter responded.
“Badly” Maddie added.
“We need to get Frankie to Scott” Nolan nagged as politely as he could.
“You go, we’ll help here” Liam suggested.
“But you might get hurt” Nolan worried, placing a hand in Liam’s silky-smooth locks.
“We’ll all die if we don’t keep the hunters at bay” Liam tried not to let his emotions cloud him, “Now go!” Regretfully, Nolan let go of Liam and rushed off with Frankie towards the main building.
“Young love” Peter commented, “It makes me want to vomit.”
“Save it for the hunters, catch them off guard” Maddie joked, much to Liam and Brett’s disgust.

Getting to grips with the equipment of Eichen House, Stiles and Lydia were sat in the control room out the back. The two frozen units were controlled primarily from there. Only one was free – the other was rumoured to be the home of a hellhound, one that has been imprisoned in ice since the facility opened. Stiles was never sure if that were true or simply hearsay. Nevertheless, he didn’t care much either way in that moment. He was more worried about what buttons performed what function.
“Why is there never a damn manual?” Stiles complained.
“Because that would be too easy” Lydia unhelpfully but correctly responded, “Besides, we can figure it out for ourselves, right?”
“Yes, yes we can” Stiles felt self-empowered all of a sudden, “Let’s test this.” He pressed the rather obvious big red button, obnoxiously staring him in the face, and sure enough, ice cold gas began to filter through the vents into the cell. They were watching through the CCTV cameras as the gas clouded the room. Stiles tried pressing the button again to turn the system off, but it didn’t work.
“Err, how does this thing stop?” Stiles panicked. Suddenly, the entire system shut off and the CCTV feed stopped.
“Lydia, I think we’ve had a power cut” Stiles worried. He glanced up and saw Lydia with the electricity plug in her hand. She’d taken it out to stop the freezing process. Stiles breathed a sigh of relief as she shoved the plug black in, and the system rebooted, just as they had found it.
“Alright, we know how to work the controls, now we need Scotty boy to deliver” Stiles commented.

Running about Eichen desperately looking for Scott, Nolan was getting panicked. The building was huge, and there were no indicators of where Scott would be. Frankie was no help either – neither had been to Eichen before. They perused the building map on display in the lobby on their way in – it didn’t tell them where Scott was of course, but it would help them if they got lost, and sure enough, it was doing a trick so far. Nolan had a vague idea of the way back at least. However, his sense of direction left a lot to be desired. Werewolves were meant to be good with directions, but Liam always said Nolan would struggle to find his way out of a cardboard box. Turning a corner into a corridor of locked cells, Nolan felt nothing but sympathy as he walked past and glanced at the patients imprisoned. He knew exactly how it felt to be out of control as a human. Being a part of Scott’s pack had taught him how to take a new perspective on life, and although the bite had its downsides, he couldn’t have been more grateful. His problems weren’t totally over, the bite doesn’t cure mental illnesses, but Nolan knew it helped him see things clearer. They approached the end of the corridor, and almost bumped into Isaac, as he and Scott were walking in the opposite direction.
“Frankie, you’re alright” Scott exclaimed, breathing a sigh of relief as he had one less problem on his hands.
“Just about” Frankie replied, relieved to be back within the relative safety of the pack.
“Any sign of her?” Isaac questioned.
“Nothing” Nolan responded, “Liam and Brett are helping keep guard.”
“Do you think she heard?” Isaac was starting to have doubts.
“There’s no way she’d have missed it” Scott replied with certainty. He knew she’d appear. She must have been biding her time.

Outside, Liam and Brett were crouching behind the row of bushes on the opposite side of the path to Maddie and Peter. Liam had his phone out, ready to text Maddie if he noticed anything – they couldn’t risk talking. His hearing was as focused as possible. Not only did he have to listen out for people arriving, he had to be able to tell how many there were. Quietly, he heard the gentle tapping of footsteps. They were dainty and elegant, and definitely only belonging to one person. He glanced at the screen of his phone and typed “She’s coming” in a message to Maddie, as well as Malia who was waiting by the main entrance. Now for the hard part. They had to be as silent as possible. She could not detect their presence, even for a second. If she did, the game would be given away, and they could not afford to risk losing. The footsteps grew louder as they approached. Liam peered through the gaps in the bush. He saw a figure directly in front. Water trickled down from her hands, leaving an obvious trail wherever she went. It was Jodie for sure. Liam didn’t need to see her face to know that. She stopped walking, taking in her surroundings. Liam knew she was trying to sense if it were a trap or not. That’s what he’d do. He also knew that he’d be on the lookout anywhere and everywhere for a giveaway to confirm the suspicions. That meant he had to become a statue. The slightest movement would ruffle the bushes. Thankfully, after what felt like hours, Jodie moved forwards, heading towards the building. While she was out of sight, they had to continue hiding until she was inside and Malia had texted the all-clear.

Having sealed every possible exit already, Malia was now stood just metres away from the main entrance. She was holding a jar of mountain ash – poisonous to her kind, and she knew she would be trapped with no exit herself. Thankfully, she trusted in Scott’s plan, and was ready to defend herself if necessary. Even if she preferred her own suggestion of boiling Jodie. Her phone buzzed. New message from Liam – “She’s coming.” Malia braced herself. As soon as Jodie entered the building, she had to complete the mountain ash barrier. Leaving it any later would risk her escaping. Final checks – the lobby area was clear, there was nothing left behind that might signal her presence. She stood in the shadows just next to the door, out of sight on a quick glance. Anticipating her arrival, Malia watched as a dark silhouette passed through the front door. Barely moving an inch, Malia shoved the container forward and mountain ash fell perfectly into formation along the doorway. Now they were trapped. Jodie heard it, and immediately her head jerked to the left, directly to where Malia was standing. This was her moment. Malia leapt out and tackled Jodie to the ground. She had unleashed her inner coyote and was enjoying not holding back for a change. Jodie opened her mouth and a jet of water splashed out, knocking Malia down and giving Jodie the upper ground. Malia was pinned down on the floor, Jodie’s impressively strong hands pressing down on Malia’s wrists to stop her moving. Jodie had transformed too, into her scaly green skin and ocean blue eyes. She moved her hand to Malia’s mouth, about to unleash a torrent of water on her newest victim, until she heard a voice nearby.
“You wanted me?” Frankie was stood at the bottom of the staircase, just outside the lobby, “You got me.” Jodie immediately let go of Malia and ran after Frankie, who bolted back up the stairs.

Bored of waiting around, Daan’s mind was stuck thinking about Jodie. He couldn’t help but think it was all his own fault. After all, he was the one she had dated. He brought her among the pack, a group with numerous supernatural people. Now he had to take her out. He stood up and barged his way to the door, not mentioning a word to the others.
“Woah dude, where are you going?” Cody asked, concerned.
“I have to put a stop to this. It’s my fault she’s targeting Scott” Daan confessed to his best friend.
“It’s not your fault, don’t ever think that” Cody looked heartbroken to hear his friend so downbeat, “She could’ve seduced any of us. A beautiful girl comes along and you fell for her. It’s as simple as that.”
“I still need to stop it. Anything I can do to help out” Daan was adamant.
“I’ll take him, she’s getting stronger and stronger every minute and the more pairs of hands against her, the better” Liah mentioned. Cody nodded his approval reluctantly.
“Be careful” he warned.
“When have I ever been careful?” Daan smiled a cheeky grin as the door slammed shut after him.

Regrouped now that Jodie was trapped inside the building, Maddie was ensuring she and the group were still on red alert. Word was spreading about supernaturals, and absolutely anyone could launch an attack on them. Thankfully, the streets outside were delightfully empty.
“Maybe he isn’t coming” Liam optimistically suggested.
“This is Gerard. He’s always coming for us” Peter corrected.
“Including right now” Brett confirmed, looking left down the street. Gerard walked confidently towards Eichen House, flanked by Francisco and three of Sheriff Stilinski’s deputies.
“This is it, gang” Maddie motivated as Gerard met her eye-to-eye.
“Move aside” Gerard commanded, “I’m not afraid to use deadly force.”
“Bring it on, old man” Maddie had her game face on, as her claws were ready to sink into Francisco’s scheming skin. This was her chance for revenge. She leapt onto him, knocking the gun out of his hand. Gerard fired a shot, narrowly missing Maddie’s head. She ripped and slashed Francisco’s tanned skin; payback for everything he did to her. Peter whacked Gerard’s gun out of his hand, blocking the chance to grab the spare from his pocket by restraining his wrists. Liam and Brett took on the deputies – one each. The third, however, saw his chance. He reached into Gerard’s back pocket and grabbed the spare gun he earned. Without any hesitation, he fired a shot at Maddie, ruthlessly ripping into her back. She flopped to the side of Francisco, in complete agony. Peter wasn’t affected though. He didn’t let go of Gerard, even though the deputy was now pointing the gun at him.
“Say your prayers” the deputy said, priming the weapon.
“I’ve never been very religious” Peter retorted. As he prepared for the bullet to smack his body, the deputy was clobbered over the head.
“Sorry I’m late” came the unmistakably cheeky tone of Theo.

With Jodie hot on his heels, Frankie rushed up the stairs. He had to lead her up to Scott, or the plan wouldn’t work. He knew he was more enticing to her than Malia at least. She wanted a pack, and Malia was one of the strongest Scott had. There is no way she’d kill her so easily when she would be such an asset. He was more disposable himself. He offered little in the way of strength. He didn’t possess the healing powers of Scott and the others either. What was his purpose? Other than being a living tap, that is. Jodie was approaching him. She was the predator, and he was the prey. He reached the top of the stairwell and darted through the corridor of cells. Jodie stopped partway down and Frankie turned around to face her, a couple of metres between them.
“You think you can trap me? I don’t need you. I only need Scott McCall” Jodie threatened.
“You’ve got me” Scott called out from behind her.

Patiently awaiting their command, Stiles and Lydia were watching Frankie’s escape from Jodie on the CCTV. Lydia couldn’t help letting her mind drift.
“Do you think we’d ever be accepted?” she wondered.
“Like werewolves and banshees?” Stiles wanted clarification.
“All of us. The reaction so far has been…hostile” Lydia considered, “People can’t even accept each other yet.”
“We’d have to do our darn best to convince them, then” Stiles responded, “We’re strong, don’t forget that. Even if the whole word turns their back on us, I’ll always be looking in your direction.” Lydia felt a warm, comforting feeling engulf her. She wasn’t the biggest fan of soppy lovey-dovey moments, but Stiles was always her exception.

With no hesitation, Theo threw both deputies to the floor. He had little mercy in him now. Liam watched on as Gerard became the last man standing. Brett was tending to Maddie, in pure pain and losing a lot of blood. To heal, she needed the bullet removed, but it was lodged deeply under her skin. He rested his hand on top of hers, and without a second thought, he took her pain.
“Thank you” Maddie croaked.
“Do you see, Gerard? We’re not evil” Liam made a point of showing Brett’s kind action to the enemy.
“Once a beast, always a beast” Gerard stubbornly answered. However, despite his defiance, he was outnumbered heavily now.
“That’s why you’ll never change” came the voice of Chris Argent. Assisted by Stilinski, Melissa and Parrish, Gerard was now blocked in both directions.
“I never thought I would raise a traitor, but you’re more corrupt than the rest Christopher” Gerard whined.
“I can live with being corrupt if it means I can save lives. That was the job of the Argents all along, but the meaning was lost over the years and we ended up with people like you. All we needed was someone like Scott. Someone like Allison” Argent explained. Melissa was on her knees, tending to Maddie.
“We need to get you to the hospital” Melissa said, having examined the wound.
“Scott is inside” Maddie’s voice struggled to stay intact as she spoke.
“We’ll go” Stilinski decided. He and Parrish rushed into the building, with no time to waste.

“You can’t stop me” Jodie arrogantly said, preparing to unleash a flood of water towards Scott. He was backed up by Isaac and Nolan, and Frankie had the other exit covered.
“You’re not in a position to make demands” Scott firmly stated, “You want my pack? Well, they might have something to say about that.” Nolan and Isaac’s tinted yellow eyes lit up right on cue, as did Frankie’s lush blue eyes. Jodie knew this was time to fight back. She raised her hand and chucked a stream of water towards Scott. The trio braced themselves for it to impact, but despite the water heading directly for their faces, it ended up splashing onto the floor not even halfway between them and Jodie.
“What?” she was confused. It was headed directly to them. It couldn’t have missed by so much. She turned around to see Frankie’s arm out directly in front of him, “You did that?”
“We’re similar, like you said. I can stop you all day long. That’s my purpose” Frankie responded proudly. Jodie looked stumped. She wasn’t expecting this. Frankie didn’t know anything about his powers. How could he have done this?
“That’s the point of a pack. We benefit each other. Nobody’s selfish” Scott added.
“You still can’t restrain me. I’ll have to kill you the old-fashioned way instead” Jodie was desperate. She yanked out a gun from her pocket and held it at Frankie.
“Don’t do this” Scott pleaded.
“Now who’s desperate?” Jodie taunted as she fired the bullet nonchalantly at Frankie. He closed his eyes, terrified with nowhere to hide. At the last second, much to Frankie’s shock, Liah jumped in front of the bullet, blocking it from jarring into Frankie’s head. Daan arrival just after, and stared Jodie in the eyes for the first time since Becky’s death. He was horrified by what he saw.

“Give it up Gerard” Argent spoke. Gerard knew his chances were over – all of his men were out cold, he had no weapons, and he knew there was little point in attempting to fight.
“What are you going to do? Lock me up for werewolf mauling? That might look a little strange on the paperwork” Gerard still had his words, and he chose them carefully.
“You conspired to murder, I think that’s enough for a conviction without any mention of werewolves” Argent retained the upper hand, battling Gerard’s threats away like a game of tennis. Gerard had nothing to say back – that was it. He’d lost.

In shock, Daan glanced down at Liah’s body. She was struggling, but still alive for now. Then he looked back at Jodie. He’d been locking lips with a stone-cold murderer.
“You did this” he said, shell-shocked, “You used me, so you could slaughter my friends.”
“I didn’t use you” Jodie spoke softly, like she always used to with him, “I fell for you, despite your friends.” Daan knew he was emotionally blackmailing him, but it felt so believable. It was hard to resist. However, he backed off, trying to get away. She followed him, trying to get closer, to stop him from escaping again. He backed slowly into a cell, with Jodie barely noticing in her pursuit of him. He looked terrified as she inched closer.
“Join me, you can fight by my side” she smiled.
“I’d rather die” Daan rebutted, “Now!”

Stiles and Lydia heard the order, but they were worried. Exceptionally so. Daan was still in the cell and had closed the door after him. They looked to Scott on CCTV – he turned to face the camera and regretfully nodded. That was their signal. He knew there was no other option. Stiles watched as Isaac attempted to squeeze the door open, but there was no luck. A key card was needed, and all members of staff were absent.
“I’ll do it” Stiles said, bravely taking the decision. He knew he’d always be worrying about whether it was right or wrong, but he’d rather him than Lydia. He braced himself, placing his hand on the button and mustering up the strength to press it down. He felt a soft, gentle hand placed on top of his. Glancing up, he made eye contact with Lydia.
“We do it together” she replied. Stiles smiled, “3…2…1…now.” Together, they slammed the button down and watched as the cell filled with freezing cold water vapour once again.

Just outside the building, Stilinski broke the mountain ash barrier, allowing Parrish to pass through into Eichen House. A hellhound could break through mountain ash, but the extra hassle wasn’t worthwhile. Instantly, they saw Malia lying on the ground, looking exhausted.
“Are you alright?” Parrish asked, crouching down next to her.
“I’m fine, they’re three floors up, go now” Malia commanded selflessly. Parrish ran up the stairs, while Stilinski stayed to look after Malia and help her up.

Watching through the glass window, Scott slowly lost his vision of Daan and Jodie as the opaque gas clouded the cell. There was no chance of safely getting Daan out. It hurt him to have to give such a terrible order but took a tiny bit of comfort in knowing it was Daan’s own choice. Nolan felt worse though. A tear slid down his cheek as he thought of his best friend being slowly frozen, giving up the bright future he had. It broke his heart. Comforting him, Isaac place a gentle arm around Nolan. It wasn’t going to solve the issue, but any comfort was appreciated. Panting, Parrish finally caught up with the group.
“Where is she?” Parrish immediately enquired.
“Frozen in there” Isaac answered, regretfully adding, “With Daan.”
“Couldn’t you get him out?” Parrish queried.
“He locked the door. We couldn’t” Scott clarified.
“I can help. Scott, break the key card reader on the side. It disables the door lock” Parrish ordered.
“He’s frozen, didn’t you hear?” Nolan yelled in frustration, more tears flooding down his cheek.
“And I’m a hellhound. I can heat it up and get him out. Just you watch me” Parrish confidently responded. Sure enough, Scott snapped the lock off the wall with his strength, and Parrish slid the heavy door open. As if it were a switch, he turned on his hellhound self. He exuded fire and flames, and instantly, some of the rock-solid ice began to melt.

Also having panted their way up the stairs, Theo and Liam arrived. Liam instantly saw the state Nolan was in and rushed to give him a huge, comforting hug. He was relieved that he was alive, but Nolan just pointed at the cell. He wanted Daan back more than anything. Theo however took more notice of the struggling Liah, lying on the floor, still barely alive.
“I’m sorry” she croaked, knowing she had to make amends.
“Me too” he replied, crouching down. He lifted her hand gently and took the pain out of her. Seconds later, her eyes closed for the final time, and Theo gently placed her hand back on her chest.

Focused intently, Parrish burned through the ice as if he were gliding through the air. He was determined to succeed. He had an audience too – he couldn’t risk letting them down. Through the frozen translucent surface, he could spot Daan’s silhouette. Closer and closer, he began to be freed. The ice melted easily, with the upper parts crumbling as the chunks below slid away with ease. Just as Daan’s body began to be exposed, Parrish stepped back – careful not to burn him. Immediately, Scott and Isaac rushed to help the unconscious Daan out of the hole Parrish created, and they laid him down on the floor. Nolan’s heart was beating like crazy out of worry as he watched Scott check Daan’s pulse.
“He’s alive” Scott announced, “He needs warmth though, take off your jackets.” Nolan breathed a sigh of relief, sliding his favourite red jacket off to wrap around Daan.

The next day…

Scott jolted awake. Strangely, he was in the hospital waiting area. He looked around, not recognising anyone. Why was he there? Then, much to his relief, Melissa strolled over. She must have seen him wake up.
“Hey sweetie, she’s fine, just resting. The bullet was successfully removed and she’s almost healed” Melissa informed. Then Scott remembered. He stood up and allowed Melissa to lead him into Maddie’s hospital room.
“Hey” Scott greeted with an awkward smile.
“Hi” Maddie responded, still croaky but less fragile than before, “Guess I’m a tough cookie.”
“You could say that” Scott laughed, thrilled she was alright. He was even more thrilled, though, that they were on good terms again.

“So that’s just about everything” Frankie finished. He had explained all of the details to a confused Lawrie.
“It’s crazy, and I still don’t believe you to be honest” Lawrie expressed his concerns, “But say you are telling the truth. Isn’t this dangerous?”
“Yeah” Frankie replied, “But I’ve got things under control. We’re a pack. We help each other, strengthen each other.” He held his hand out in front of Lawrie, and immediately, water trickled out from his nails.
“No way” Lawrie was gobsmacked. Frankie giggled, amused by the reaction.

Sat just outside the sheriff’s office, Stiles and Lydia were eagerly awaiting the verdict on Gerard. Stiles had one thing on his mind – and it had kept him awake for most of the night.
“Do you think we did the right thing?” Stiles pondered, “Freezing Daan.”
“I don’t know. It’s like a famous ethics theory, the trolley problem” Lydia used her wisdom to help Stiles, “Imagine a speeding trolley cart out of control down a street. Five people are tied up on the track directly ahead. You could crash into them and kill them, or divert the trolley. On the alternative route, one person is tied up, and you’d kill one person instead. Which is more ethical?”
“You’re still killing either way, so I say neither” Stiles thought.
“There is no right or wrong answer, it’s a debate. We just did what we thought was necessary with Daan. It’s the same idea” Lydia reassured him, “One innocent person over everyone else we love.” Stiles felt comforted by this, although his mind was now over-analysing the trolley problem. His thoughts were interrupted by Sheriff Stilinski, who had just arrived out of his office to announce the news they were waiting so patiently for.
“He’s being charged” Stilinski confirmed, much to their delight, “Both Gerard and Francisco.”

Chilling outside the gates of the block of flats, Daan, Cody and Nolan were reliving their old memories, with the addition of Liam.
“Do you remember when we heard a creak inside that house? We thought it was haunted” Daan reminisced.
“Derek Hale was many things, and he scared the hell out of me at times, but a ghost? Definitely not” Liam laughed.
“I’m so glad you’re alright” Nolan smiled, looking at Daan’s laughter.
“It would’ve taken a lot more than that to get rid of me” Daan never lost his sense of humour.
“I can’t believe I missed all the excitement” Cody commented.
“As if I’d die without you to mourn me” Daan continued laughing. Nolan chuckled along. After the stress of the day before, he was thrilled that his life was mostly back to normal. He was surrounded by the people he loved most, and that’s what mattered to him.

Eating once again at Phil’s Burger Bar, Malia felt much more comfortable in Peter’s presence this time. He’d proven himself to be more than the slimy dirtbag she’d known him to be in the past. He fought with the pack, putting himself last, and for once she wasn’t totally ashamed to be his daughter.
“Have I not earnt myself a bigger budget?” Peter questioned, as if he’d read Malia’s thoughts.
“No” she replied firmly, “But you’re on your way.” She smiled a proud smile.
“I say we raise a toast” Isaac lifted his glass, “To new beginnings.”
“To new beginnings” Malia and Peter said in unison as they clinked their glasses.

Summoned to the lake house, Frankie was sat under the night sky facing the large lake. It looked beautiful as the crescent moon shone down and reflected against the gentle waves. Any ill thoughts about water had faded from Frankie’s mind, and for the first time since he was young, he felt at one with water.
“It’s calming, isn’t it?” Scott commented from behind. He joined Frankie sitting down, overlooking the lake.
“I was terrified of water for years, I almost drowned. Something weird happened” Frankie recalled.
“You’ve been a nix all your life, you just didn’t know until recently” Scott filled in the blanks.
“I’m so sorry” Frankie changed the subject. The gentleness of the lake was clearing his mind, and he wanted to make amends, “The article. I shouldn’t have published it. I’m going to write another article recalling what I’d said. If I say it was a hoax or a moment of madness, people might start to forget about it. Although, my professional career would be over before it’s even started.”
“I think what the people of Beacon Hills don’t know won’t hurt them. Recalling it might be best, but everything works out alright in the end. We’re glad to have you” Scott smiled, putting an arm around Frankie.
“It’s scary, this world you’re in, and it’s dangerous. People died thanks to Gerard and Jodie. Maybe if I hadn’t written that article, they might not have attacked” Frankie thought.
“Gerard has hate running through his veins. He’d have attacked sooner or later, and Jodie couldn’t be controlled. It’s not your fault. Having said that, I think it’s best we keep anything about us out of the papers” Scott laughed.
“Deal” Frankie chuckled.
“Welcome aboard” Scott smiled welcomingly, as he allowed his eyes to drift onto the lake. The moonlight’s reflection was stunning. The moon meeting water, the perfect combination. Powerful on their own, but together they were a force of nature.

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