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Jonathan "Jono" Chadwick
Played by: Finn Roberts

From a rich family, Jono is desperate to never draw attention to himself. His parents Helen and Steve are lawyers, earning plenty of money to own a large house in Crystalshaw. Jono was less inclined by the big house and prefers his treehouse – his own private escape area in the front garden. He is very close to his sister Lily, telling her and her only about his sexuality. Ever since starting high school, Jono had fancied Dylan like crazy. It took him a while to build up the courage to admit this to Dylan, but he never looked back. However, the aspiring journalistic eye of Jono’s noticed strange behaviour from Dylan early on. As he learns the truth, Jono has to decide whether to judge Dylan on the outside or inside. Jono thinks with his heart and puts his friends, and Dylan, above himself without a second thought.

About the actor

Finn Roberts was born on 22nd April 1996 in the United States. He gained fame in Canadian show Side Effects, playing Jason Connelly, and has guest starred in Shameless. Finn is best known for Netflix original show Greenhouse Academy, in which he had a starring role as Alex Woods.